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NOTE: The journals are officially published online, with printed copies an added option. The 2010 issues of Micropaleontology, vol. 56 were posted online as follows: no. 1-2, May 2010; no. 2-3, Aug 2010; no. 4, Oct 2010; no. 5, Nov 2010; no. 6, Dec. 2010. The 2010 issues of Stratigraphy, vol. 7 were posted online as follows: no. 1, June 2010; no. 2-3, Sept 2010; no. 4, Dec. 2010. Mailing dates were c. 1 month later. (JAN/2011).

Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy continue as a joint subscription for a total of 10 issues in 2011. The MicroMan system for submitting and reviewing manuscript online is improved (JAN/10).

In September 2009, The Micropaleontology Project moved to offices provided by Queens College, CUNY (City University of New York). The generous cooperative arrangement offered by the College, 79 years after the Project was founded with the the support of the people of New York City, ensures our continuation as an independent non-profit organization in service to the profession (SEP/09).

As of 2008, all subscribers to Ellis and Messina Catalogue receive "Catbox" DVD as a backup to their online access. The DVD contains all pages of the subscribed Catalogues, on a single self-installing disk for any Windows or Mac computer. (JAN/08).

Bibliography and Index of Micropaleontology online reference service, which was temporarily discontinued as of 2007, is reactivated as of 2008. The database, covering the literature since 1970, will be updated annually (JAN/08).

Ellis and Messina Catalogues online were improved by new high-resolution scans of the complete Foraminifera, Ostracoda and Diatom pages in mid 2005 (JAN/06).

In July 2003, Micropaleontology Press separated from the American Museum of Natural History, its home since 1942, and resumed independent existence as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, the Micropaleontology Project, Inc. (JUL/03).