Cenozoic Coccolithophores

by Marie-Pierre Aubry
Rutgers University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The volumes in the series Cenozoic Coccolithophores provide comprehensive reviews of the major taxonomic subdivisions of Coccolithophophyceae during the present era, with detailed attention to biology, evolutionary history and stratigraphic application. Diagnoses of genera and species include original type descriptions and subsequent taxonomic revisions, translated to English as necessary, and a key of determination.

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Cenozoic Coccolithophores Series

Completed as of 2018 Scheduled in 2019-2020
Braarudosphaerales (CC-A) Zygodiscales, Chiastozygales (CC-J)
Discoasterales (CC-B) (biantholiths, sphenoliths) Biscutales, Watznaueriales (CC-K)
Discoasterales (CC-C) (fasciculiths, helioliths) Pontosphaerales (CC-L, M, N)
Discoasterales (CC-D) (helioliths) Isochrysidales (CC-O, P)
Discoasterales (CC-E) (eudiscoasters) Syracosphaerales (CC-Q, R, S)
Haploid phase in living species (CC-F) Coccosphaerales (CC-T, U)
Haploid phase in living species (CC-G) Coccolithophores inc. sed. (CC-V, W)
Haploid phase in living species (CC-H)
Haploid phase in living species (CC-I)