Cenozoic Coccolithophores is divided into 20 volumes that provide comprehensive reviews of the major taxonomic subdivisions of Coccolithophophyceae during the present era, with detailed attention to biology, evolutionary history and stratigraphic application. Diagnoses of genera and species include original type descriptions and subsequent taxonomic revisions, translated to English as necessary, and a key of determination.

Within each genus, the species descriptions are grouped according to morphological similarity as well as molecular biology of living taxa, with original type descriptions amplified by subsequent data and extensive illustrations. Information as to stratigraphic occurrence, preservation, paleoecologic preferences, and phylogenetic relationships are added from the relevant literature.

The volumes completed to date (Books CC-A to CC-I) cover Braarudosphaerales, the diverse Discoasterales, and the haploid phases in living and extinct coccoliths. Books are available in print at $250 each (shipping included), and in an online subscription to the series at $200 per year.

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