Volume 61, No. 6 posted Feb 2016

  1. Extant coccolithophores: phylogeny, life-cycles, ecology and biogeography

    Maria Triantaphyllou - online
  2. Coccolithophores in Polar Waters: Papposphaera arctica HET and HOL revisited
    Helge A. Thomsen, Mikal Heldal, and Jette B. Ostergaard - online
  3. Coccolithophores in Polar Waters: Papposphaera sarion HET and HOL revisited
    Helge A. Thomsen, Mikal Heldal, and Jette B. Ostergaard - online
  4. Observations on the morphological diversity and distribution of two siliceous nannoplankton genera, Hyalolithus and Petasaria
    Richard W. Jordan, Kenta Abe, Jarrett Cruz, Ruth Eriksen, Catarina Guerreiro, Kyoko Hagino, Mikal Heldal, David U. Hernandez-Becerril, Elisa Malinverno, Shiro Nishida, Shramik M. Patil, Luka Supraha, Helge A. Thomsen, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, and Jeremy R. Young - online
  5. Coccolithophore combination coccospheres from the NE Mediterranean Sea: new evidence and taxonomic revisions
    Maria V. Triantaphyllou, Boris-Theofanis Karatsolis, Margarita D. Dimiza, Elisa Malinverno, Federica Cerino, Stella Psarra, Richard W. Jordan, and Jeremy R. Young
  6. Extant coccolithophores from the western equatorial Indian Ocean off Tanzania and coccolith distribution in surface sediments
    Katharina Stolz, Karl-Heinz Baumann, and Hannes Mersmeyer - online
  7. Coccolithophore assemblage distribution along a temperate to polar gradient in theWest Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean (January 2005)
    Elisa Malinverno, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, and Margarita D. Dimiza - online
  8. Comparison of living and surface sediment coccolithophore assemblages in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean
    Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero and Karl-Heinz Baumann - online
  9. The composition and distribution of living coccolithophores in the Aegean Sea (NE Mediterranean)
    Margarita D. Dimiza, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, Elisa Malinverno, Stella Psarra, Boris-Theofanis Karatsolis, Paraskevi Mara, Anna Lagaria, and Alexandra Gogou - online

Volume 61, No. 4-5 posted Dec 2015

  1. Studies in Permian and Permo-Triassic microremains

    Merlynd K. Nestell and Bruce R. Wardlaw - online
  2. Conodont faunas from a complete basinal succession of the upper part of the Wordian (Middle Permian, Guadalupian,West Texas)
    Bruce R. Wardlaw and Merlynd K. Nestell - online
  3. An apparatus reconstruction of the conodont Caenodontus serrulatus Behnken 1975
    Merlynd K. Nestell and Bruce R. Wardlaw - online
  4. Middle Permian fish microremains from the Early Capitanian of the Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas, USA
    Alexander O. Ivanov, Merlynd K. Nestell, and Galina P. Nestell - online
  5. Conodont biostratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic boundary sequence at Lung Cam, Vietnam
    Bruce R. Wardlaw, Merlynd K. Nestell, Galina P. Nestell, Brooks B. Ellwood, and Luu Thi Phuong Lan - online
  6. Gondolellid conodonts and depositional setting of the Phosphoria Formation
    Bruce R. Wardlaw - online
  7. Early Permian conodont fauna and stratigraphy of the Garden Valley Formation, Eureka County, Nevada
    Bruce R. Wardlaw, Dora M. Gallegos, Valery V. Chernykh, and Walter S. Snyder - online
  8. Some contrasting biostratigraphic links between the Baker and Olds Ferry Terranes, eastern Oregon
    Merlynd K. Nestell and Charles D. Blome - online

Volume 61, No. 3 posted May 2015

  1. Comparison of three preservation techniques for slowing dissolution of calcareous nannofossils in organic-rich sediments
    Ellen L. Seefelt, Jean M. Self-Trail, and Arthur P. Schultz - online
  2. Methodologies for recovering calcareous nannofossils from bituminous claystone
    Marlone H. Hunnig Bom, Rodrigo do Monte Guerra, Andrea Concheyro, and Gerson Fauth - online
  3. Petasaria heterolepis (Prymnesiaceae) from the Southern Indian Ocean
    Shramik Patil, Syed A. Jafar, Suhas Shetye, and Rahul Mohan - online
  4. Impact of early Oligocene deep water circulation to the benthic foraminifera in the eastern equatorial Pacific
    Ritsuo Nomura, Hiroshi Nishi, Akira Tsujimoto, Hyoun Soo Lim, Boo-Keun Khim, Hiroyuki Takata, Jong-min Lee, and Sabura Sakai - online
  5. Trigonium curvatus sp. nov. and Trigonium arcticum (Bacillariophyceae) from the surface sediments of Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
    Abhilash Nair, Rahul Mohan, Suhas Shetye, Shina Gazi, and Syed A. Jafar - online
  6. A new biostratigraphically significant Late Oligocene Sphenolithus species from the equatorial region
    James J. Pospichal, Mohammed Aljahdali, Sherwood W. Wise, Jr., and James E. Bergen - online
  7. Microfossils from the Early Pliocene Carmen Formation, Monserrat Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    F. R. Gio-Argaez, Analuisa L. Carreno, J. Ledesma-Vazquez, and C. F. Hernandez-Perez - online
  8. Emendation and taxonomic revision of Miscellanea juliettae pfenderae and M. juliettae villattea with designation of the respective holotype
    Ursula Leppig and Martin R. Langer - online
  9. The new family Ornatorotaliidae (Rotaliacea, Foraminiferida)
    Andrea Benedetti - online
  10. Upper Cretaceous agglutinated foraminifera from a red sediment interval in the southern Norwegian Sea
    Eiichi Setoyama and Michael A. Kaminski - online

Volume 61, No. 1-2 posted Apr 2015

  1. Advances in ostracodological research - Selected papers from the 17th International Symposium on Ostracoda
    Elsa Gliozzi, Nevio Pugliese, and Radiovan Pipik - online
  2. Brackish and marine ostracode assemblages from the Sinemurian of western Portugal, with descriptions of new species
    Ricardo L. Silva, Luis V. Duarte, M. Cristina Cabral, Jean-Paul Colin, and Ana C. Azeredo - online
  3. New Upper Cretaceous Limnocytheridae (Ostracoda, Crustacea) from Argentina
    Ana Paula Carignano and Gabriela Catalina Cusminsky - online
  4. The taxonomic position of the Cyprideis species (Ostracoda, Cytheroidea, Cytherideidae) that occurs in Lake Issyk-Kul, N.E. Kyrgystan
    Evgenij Schornikov - online
  5. Ostracoda assemblage and the environmental characteristics of the Eocene Succession of the Central Sakarya Region
    Umit Safak, Faruk Ocakoglu, and Sanem Acikalin - online
  6. Early Pleistocene (Calabrian) Ostracoda assemblage and paleoenvironmental characteristics of the Fevzipasa Formation,Western Anatolia
    Alaettin Tuncer and Cemal Tunoglu - online
  7. Ostracod assemblages from HoloceneMiddle Shelf Deposits of southern Evoikos Gulf (Central Aegean Sea, Greece) and their palaeoenvironmental implications
    Theodoru Tsourou, Hara Drania, and George Anastasakis - online
  8. Distribution of recent ostracods near the Ombrone River mouth (Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)
    Virgilio Frezza and Letizia Di Bella - online
  9. Ostracoda and foraminifera response to a contaminated environment: the case of the Ex-Military Arsenal of the La Maddalena Harbour (Sardinia, Italy)
    Antonietta Cherchi, Giovannie De Giudici, Angelo Ibba, Sandro De Muro, Gianguido Salvi, Carla Buosi, and Deborah Arbulla - online
  10. Early Cretaceous nonmarine ostracod biostratigraphy of western Liaoning area, NE China
    Xiaolin Zhang, Yaquiong Wang, Jingeng Sha, and Yanhong Pan - online

Volume 60, No. 1 mailed Nov -0001

  1. Advances in agglutinated foraminiferal research: The Ninth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera, IWAF-9
    Laia Alegret and Michael A. Kaminski
  2. A new methodological approach to evaluate the mass and volume distributions of grains in an agglutinated foraminiferal test
    Eric Armynot du Chatelet, Fabrizio Frontalini, and Francois Guillot
  3. A standard SEM-EDS methodology to determine the test microstructure of fossil agglutinated foraminifera
    A. Umran Dogan, Nicoletta Mancin, Elena Basso, and Michael A. Kaminski
  4. Distribution of modern agglutinated foraminifera along an inner neritic- to mid-bathyal transect in Saros Bay (northern Aegean Sea)
    Rodolfo Coccioni, Ioulietta Mikellidou, Dogan Yasar, Ali E. Aksu, Fabrizio Frontalini, Eric Armynot du Chatelet, and Michael A. Kaminski
  5. Enhanced terrestrial input supporting the Glomospira acme across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in Southern Spain
    S. Newman, R. E. Summons, G. J. Arreguin-Rodriguez, Laia Alegret, and J. Sepulveda
  6. The Eocene-Oligocene turnover of Deep-Water Agglutinated Foraminifera at ODPSite 647, Southern Labrador Sea (North Atlantic)
    Michael A. Kaminski and Silvia Ortiz
  7. Selknamella: a new agglutinated foraminiferal genus from the early Eocene southern high latitudes
    I. Arenillas, N. Malumian, Carolina Nanez, and G. Jannou
  8. Distribution of the agglutinated foraminifer Ammolagena clavata (Jones and Parker) in Western Tethyan Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene deep-water deposits (Outer Carpathians, Poland)
    Anna Waskowska
  9. The year 2010 classification of the agglutinated foraminifera
    Michael A. Kaminski

Volume 59, No. 2-3

  1. PREFACE: Micropaleontology in Egypt
    Mohamed Boukhary
  2. Hanschaubiana, n. gen., from the Eocene of Egypt, with evidence of supplementary life cycles in Foraminifera
    Mohamed Boukhary, Yasmine F. Hussein-Kamel, and Ahmed Ibrahim Abd El Naby
  3. New Late Eocene genus Gaziryina (Foraminifera) from the Al Bayda Formation (ShahhatMarl Member), Al Jabal al Akhdar, Northern Cyrenaica, Libya
    Ahmed M. Muftah and Mohamed Boukhary
  4. Nummulites fichteli Michelotti 1841: a new record from Jordan
    Radwan Abul-Nasr, Ahmad Samadi, Abdulrahim Hamdan, Mohamed Boukhary, and Fayez Ahmad
  5. What is Nummulites praelyelli? Evolution in large foraminifers from theMokattam Formation (Middle Eocene) of Cairo, Egypt
    Mohamed Boukhary, Aly I. M. Hussein, and Ahmed I. Abd El Naby
  6. Environmental and human impact on the macrobiotic assemblage in the Burullus Lagoon, North Nile Delta, Egypt
    Kevin J. Edwards, Ramadan Abu-Zied, Nagia Ameen, Salah El Beialy, and Salah Ayyad
  7. Early Eocene Nummulitids from Wadi Dakhl, Egypt: Biometry and stratigraphic implications
    Omar Cherif, Stefan Hontzsch, Mohamed Boukhary, Radwan Abul-Nasr, and Safia Al Menoufy
  8. Benthic foraminifera from the Oligocene offshore Nile Delta, Egypt and its implications
    Magdy Sallam
  9. Contribution to the stratigraphy and sedimentation of the Cretaceous aquifers, SE Sinai, Egypt
    Alaa Abdelhameid Ismail, Sanaa Hussein Attia, Ahmed Ali Ismail, and Ashraf Ramadan Shabana
  10. Calcareous nannofossil and foraminiferal bio-events of the Danian-Selandian transition of the Quseir area, northwestern Red Sea margin, Egypt
    Sherif Farouk and Mahmoud Faris
  11. Maastrichtian–Early Paleogene Ostracoda from the Kharga Oasis and the Nile Valley, Egypt
    Safaa Sharabi, Hesham Mansour, Mohamed Boukhary, Mohamed El Amin Bassiouni, and Bahay Issawi
  12. Foraminiferal biostratigraphy, paleoenvironment and paleobiogeography of Cenomanian–Lower Turonian shallow marine carbonate platform in west central Sinai, Egypt
    Abdalla Shahin and Sharif Elbaz
  13. Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Pliocene–Pleistocene deep marine offshore, north Nile Delta, Egypt
    Nabil M. Aboul Ela, Samy A. Mohamed, and Ahmed Z. Ibrahim
  14. Cretaceous diatoms biostratigraphy and taxonomy from the North-eastern Sinai, Egypt
    Abdelfattah Ali Zalat
  15. Miocene diatom biostratigraphy of Gharandal Group, west-central Sinai, Egypt
    Abdelfattah Ali Zalat

Volume 58, No. 6

  1. Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary interval based on foraminifera from Valles-San Luis Potosí Platform, Mexico
    Gloria Alencaster, Lourdes Omana, Ruben Lopez Doncel, and Jose Ramon Torres
  2. Living Coccolithophores from the Gulf of Sirte (Southern Mediterranean Sea) during the summer of 2008
    Elisa Malinverno, Francesco Placenti, Angelo Bonanno, Enrico Di Stefano, Bernardo Pitti, Mario Sprovieri, Simona Genovese, Paola Rumola, Salvatore Mazzola, Salem Zgozi, Patrizia Ziveri, Sergio Bonomo, Michael Grelaud, and Allesandro Incarbona
  3. Implications of Kungurian (Early Permian) conodonts from Hatahoko, Japan, for correlation between the Tethyan and international timescales
    Junichi Tazawa, Yi-chun Zhang, Shu-zhong Shen, Dong-xun Yuan, and Charles M. Henderson
  4. Late Glacial–Holocene transition in the southern Adriatic Sea: Coccolithophore and Foraminiferal evidence
    Andrea Piva, Alessandra Asioli, Nils Andersen, Ralph Schneider, Aurea Narcisco, Jose-Abel Flores, and Mario Cachao
  5. Two new short-ranged Calcidiscus species from the offshore marine Neogene Niger Delta sequences
    Lawrence S. Fadiya
  6. Maastrichtian–Paleocene benthic foraminifer holotypes from the James Ross Island region, Antarctic Peninsula
    Brian T. Huber

Volume 55, No. 2-3

  1. Micropaleontology at the North Pole: An introduction
    Michael A. Kaminski and Kozo Takahashi
  2. Morphological variability of the planktonic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma from ACEX cores: Implications for Late Pleistocene circulation in the Arctic Ocean
    S. Zaragosi, J. Mavel, Y. Mary, V. Mas, C. Pujol, F. Eynaud, T. M. Cronin, and S. A. Smith
  3. Miocene deep-water agglutinated foraminifera from the Lomonosov Ridge and the opening of the Fram Strait
    Michael A. Kaminski, Lorand Silye, and Severyn Kender
  4. Living diatoms in the vicinity of the North Pole, summer 2004
    Richard W. Jordan, Itsuki Suto, Kota Katsuki, Kozo Takahashi, and Jonaotarui Onodera
  5. Decahedrella martinheadii Manum 1997 - a stratigraphically and paleoenvironmentally useful Miocene acritarch of the high northern latitudes
    Morten Smelror, Jens Matthiessen, Henk Brinkhuis, and Niels Poulsen
  6. Middle Eocene ebridians from the central Arctic Basin
    Jonaotaro Onodera and Kozo Takahashi
  7. Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of middle Eocene silicoflagellates in the central Arctic Basin
    Jonaotaro Onodera and Kozo Takahashi
  8. Arcticacysta: A new organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst genus from the early Miocene? of the central Arctic Ocean
    Francesca Sangiorgi, Henk Brinkhuis, and Sarah Pierce Damassa
  9. Taxonomy of middle Eocene diatom resting spores and their allied taxa from the central Arctic Basin
    Itsuki Suto, Richard W. Jordan, and Mahito Watanabe
  10. Significant populations of seven-sided Distephanus (Silicoflagellata) in the sea-ice covered environment of the central Arctic Ocean, summer 2004
    Kozo Takahashi, Jonaotaro Onodera, and Kota Katsuki

Volume 54, No. 3-4

  1. Preface: Recent benthic foraminifera along the southwest coasts of Antalya (SW Turkey) and the impact of alien species on autochthonous fauna
    Engin Meric and M. Baki Yokes
  2. Oceanography and submarine sediment distribution in the Marmaris – Ka region of southwest Turkey
    Mustafa Eryilmaz and Fulya Yucesoy Eryilmaz
  3. A review of benthic foraminifers and ostracodes of the Antalya coast
    M. Baki Yokes, Feyza Dincer, Engin Meric, Niyazi Avsar, and Atiki Nazik
  4. Morphological abnormalities in benthic foraminifers of the Antalya coast
    A. Beril Tugrul, Serdar Beyari, Nur Azyurt, Ipek F. Barut, Nuray Balkis, Kubilay Uysal, Erol Kam, Engin Meric, Niyazi Avsar, and M. Baki Yokes
  5. Amphisorus hemprichii Ehrenberg (Rhizopoda, foraminifera) along the Antalya coast
    Engin Meric, M. Baki Yokes, and Niyazi Avsar
  6. Twin, triplet and quadruplet teratogens in benthic foraminifera from Antalya
    M. Baki Yokes, Feyza Dincer, Engin Meric, Muhittin Gormus, and Niyazi Avsar
  7. Some alien foraminifers along the Aegean and southwestern coasts of Turkey
    Engin Meric, Niyazi Avsar, and M. Baki Yokes
  8. Mineralogical and geochemical features of colored benthic foraminifers from Aegean and southwestern coasts of Turkey
    Sema Tetiker, Ipek F. Barut, Sener Yilmaz, Feyza Dincer, Huseyin Yalcin, Engin Meric, and Niyazi Avsar