Stratigraphy volume 1 and 2

Contents Volume 1 Number 1, Fall 2004

1. The Editors
New science for old strata

3. Andrew D. Miall
Empiricism and model building in stratigraphy: The historical roots of present-day practices

27. Andrew D. Miall and Charlene E. Miall
Empiricism and model building in stratigraphy: Around the hermeneutic circle in the pursuit of stratigraphic correlation

47. Spencer G. Lucas
A global hiatus in the Middle Permian tetrapod fossil record

65. Mathias Harzhauser and Werner E. Piller
Integrated stratigraphy of the Sarmatian (Upper Middle Miocene) in the western Central Paratethys

87. W. Krijgsman, S. Gaboardi, F.J. Hilgen, S. Iaccarino E. de Kaenel. and E. van der Laann
Revised astrochronology for the Ain el Beida section (Atlantic Morocco): No glacio-eustatic control for the onset of the Messinian Salinity Crisis

103. Richard A. Reyment
A quantitative procedure for chemostratigraphy

2. ICS Forum
Towards an International Association of Stratigraphic Geologists

Contents Volume 2 Number 1, Spring 2005

1. The Editors
Rock, time, and reconsideration

13. Caroline A. Van Mourik and Henk Brinkhuis
The Massignano Eocene-Oligocene golden spike section revisited

31. Ernest A. Mancini and T. Markham Puckett
Jurassic and Cretaceous Transgressive-Regressive (T-R) Cycles, Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA

65. Marie-Pierre Aubry, Médard Thiry, Christian Dupuis and William A. Berggren
The Sparnacian deposits of the Paris Basin: A lithostratigraphic classification