Suggestions to authors for "Stratigraphy" - SUMMARY

Pre-review - it is often useful to send rough draft manuscript to colleagues of your choice for advice on preparing draft for submittal.

Submittal – - together with a cover letter with relevnant information, upload manuscript documents and illustrations in Micro Man "Submit manuscript": (1) a PDF of the entire manuscript for use of reviewers;(2) text,including captions and references in Microsdoft Word or plain text, without hidden commands, e.g. from "EndNotes"; (3) Illustrations FULL SIZE either TIF or JPG (no PPT, PNG, or PDF please), 300 dpi for photos and shaded images and 1000 dpi for line art (maps, diagrams, etc), etc.) COLOR is permitted at no cost. TABLES, including text lists, Word tables and Excel worksheets, must be submitted as illustrations and not included in text.

Style - (main points only.) Most questions can be answered by consulting a recent issue.

Text - Flush left, double space. Citations are "(Author date)" or "Author (date)", without comma before date. Use "Author et al." for 3 or more.

References - No abbreviations. AUTHOR names all cap. Identify book publishers and editors.

Figure captions - Must explain abbreviations and symbols, and give credit for sources.

Table layout - Sideways text should read upward, to be right side up if page is turned clockwise. Do not carry tables across two pages; make two tables instead. in text.

Revise - After consideration of reviews, submit final draft in Micro Man.

Corrected proof - When accepted manuscript are ready to be prepared for printing, authors receive full-page proofs with illustrations in place.