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Style - Most questions as to style can be answered by consulting a recent issue.

Text - Text must be double spaced, 11 point, MS Word or rtf, with numbered pages. Text is subdivided in four levels of heading, not numbered outline. Footnotes are not permitted. Lengthy quotations should be indented, with non-English quotations italicized. Citations in text are "(Author date)" or "Author (date)", without comma before date. Use "Author et al." only for more than 3 authors.

Illustrations - Plates, figures and tables should be prepared as JPG or TIF, 300 dpi or better for photographs and 1000 dpi or better for line art, at publication size (7 x 9.5 inches). Color will be reproduced in the online edition at no cost, but will appear in shades of gray in print unless color printing is specifically agreed to. Excel spreadsheets and MS Word tables must be printed out and scanned as images.

References - AUTHOR names are all caps, followed by a comma and author initials with period and space. Titles of journals, books, etc. are written in full. City and name of publisher is required for books, including proceedings and reports.

Captions - Illustrated specimens must be identified with collection number, locality, and enlargement. Abbreviations and symbols on figures should be explained, and credit given to sources. It is not necessary to repeat full explanations in subsequent captions. Maps must show North arrow and scale.

English language - Manuscripts will be returned for improvement if the language does not meet acceptable standards.

Submittal - The complete manuscript, with graphics, must be uploaded to Micro Man as a single PDF, with graphics reduced to keep the document small and easy to handle for reviewers. The abstract, the text, and a cover letter should also be uploaded as MS Word or rtf documents.

Revision - After consideration of reviewer comments, submit final draft in Micro Man. Documents with the same name will overprint earlier versions.

Correct proof - Authors receive facsimile page proofs with illustrations in place. Corrections can be returned by email as comments, revised sections, or PDF of printout with hand notations.