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Online submissions are no longer accepted via this website.
Authors should submit new manuscript via email directly to the journal editor.
See below for instructions.


In preparing manuscripts, authors should consult guidelines for Micropaleontology, or guidelines for Stratigraphy. Prior to submittal, check that you have the following materials available on your computer.

Please Submit

(1) The complete manuscript (abstract, text, references, illustrations, tables) in a single PDF for reviewer use. Graphics should be reduced as far as possible to keep the PDF document from being inconveniently large. NOTE that high-resolution graphics will be requireds if the manuscript is accepted.

(2) A separate copy of the text in MS Word is required for the convenience of editors and reviewer comments. Ornamental fonts and book-style formats, forced hyphens, embedded illustrations, and hidden data links created by "Ibid.", "End Notes" or other utilities, should be removed before submitting.

(3) A cover letter to the editor that briefly describes the manuscript, identifies the corresponding author, and gives any other details about schedule, alternate addresses, and other pertinent information should be included. It is helpful to be have the name and email of three appropriate reviewers, and to be informed of any reviewers with personal or professional bias in regard to the submitted work.

Once prepared as above, please attach manuscript files to an email and send them directly to the editors,
Dr. Michael A. Kaminski at
micropaleontology.journal@gmail.com for the journal Micropaleontology, or

Dr. Jean M. Self-Trail at
stratigraphy.journal@gmail.com for the journal Stratigraphy.

For technical problems with submittals, contact the editors at Micropaleontology Press.

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: Micropaleontology Project, Inc. holds copyright to submitted manuscripts in complete published form only. In allowing their work to be published by the Project, the authors accept that their original information, data, illustrations, and interpretations may be permitted by the publisher to be reproduced for scholarly use, provided clear acknowledgment of the authors is given.

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