Ellis and Messina Catalogues

Complete type-descriptions for genus- and species-level taxa with the original text, illustrations and charts, exactly as given in the author's (western European) language or translated by professionals. The precise Type Level, Type Locality, and curatorial data are added for each taxon. Bibliographic and taxonomic references are expanded to full citations and scrupulously verified. 400 to 500 taxa are added yearly to each catalogue. The current edition has more than 44,000 Foraminifera, 25,000 Ostracoda, and 6,000 Diatom genera and species. Available printed, on CD-ROM, and on the internet.

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Foraminifera (ISBN 0-913424-34-X)
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CD-ROM Edition: Catalogues are complete to date on CD-ROM. Foram = 2.4 Gb, Ostracoda = 1.6 Gb, Diatom = 0.3 Gb. Comes with proprietary "Catbox" data manager for Windows and Mac. Images can be accessed either from CD disk or from designated hard drive. Subscribers to printed edition can convert their subscription to CD-ROM at no cost.

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Handbook of Cenozoic Calcareous Nannoplankton

(ISBN 0-91324-33-1)

Authored by M.-P. Aubry. Optical and SEM photographs, standardized diagnoses and age/locality information on all currently valid species that range within the Cenozoic. Related taxa are grouped in multi-column format for efficient comparison. Books 1-3: Ortholithae and primitive Heliolithae; 4-8: remaining Heliolithae; 9: Introduction and Range Charts. Looseleaf, in ring binders.

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(Volumes 1 through 5 are now available; 6 is due by fall 2002.

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Catalogue of Planktonic Foraminifera

(ISBN 0-914324-06-4)

Approx. 2,500 genera and species, extracted from Ellis and Messina catalogues. Pages for Neogene, Paleogene, and Mesozoic taxa are from catalogues between 1942 and 1975 in 6 looseleaf volumes; additional pages from 1976 to 1999 in 2 supplements. Lever-ring binders included. Shipping extra.

Full set, 8 volumes

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Vol. 8 (supplement, 1989-1999)


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Catalogue of Index Larger Foraminifera

(ISBN 0-913424-07-2)

Type and subsequent descriptions and illustrations of more than 500 stratigraphically important large foraminifera, in 3 volumes. Vol. 1: Lepidocyclinids and Miogypsinids. Vol. 2: Nummulites, Assilines, Orbitolites and conoidal forms. Vol. 3: Discocyclinids, Orbitoids, Pseudorbitoids, and Spiroclypeus. Post binders included. Shipping extra.

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Catalogue of Index Smaller Foraminifera

(ISBN 0-913424-08-0)

Type and subsequent descriptions and illustrations of more than 450 stratigraphically important planktonic and benthic foraminifera, in 3 volumes. Vol. 1: Paleozoic benthic and Cretaceous planktonic species. Vol. 2: Tertiary planktonic species. Vol. 3: Mesozoic and Tertiary benthic species. Post binders included. Shipping extra.

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Bibliography and Index of Micropaleontology

(ISSN 0300-7227)

Online publication (as of 2003), featuring monthly additions and cumulative index of current publications in all fields of micropaleontology, in cooperation with GeoRef. Users search from Vol. 1 (1970) to present with a single query, including title searches via GeoRef keywords. Matched citations and groups of citations can be downloaded as plain text files. Subscribing institutions have unlimited access for all connections via registered IP address blocks; password accounts are available for individuals.

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Volume 32 (2003):

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(ISSN 0026-2803)

International peer-reviewed journal. Six issues per year, including two monographic special issues (also available separately; see below). Zoological, botanical and protist micropaleontology; systematics, biostratigraphy, paleo- and neo-microbiology of fossilizing forms; evolutionary studies. Professional notes, book reviews, biographies, and letters. Also available online through BioOne.

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Micropaleontology special issues: included in subscription to indicated volumes. Purchased separately, $60 plus postage.

49/1 Paleocene-Eocene stratigraphy of the Upper Nile Basin, edited by Marie-Pierre Aubry and Khaled Ouda. Spring 2003. (ISBN 0-913424-55- )

48/2 Systematics and paleobiogeography of brachycytherine Ostracoda, by Terence Markham Puckett. Fall 2002 (ISBN 0-913424-54-)

48/1 Micropaleontology of radiolarians: Proceedings of Interrad IX, edited by Elizabeth Carter, Patricia Whalen, and Figen Mekik June 2002. (ISBN 0-913424-53- )

47/2 The bilamellar shell cavity systems in elphidiid and pellatispirine foraminifera, edited by Lukas Hottinger. November 2001. (ISBN 0-913424-52- )

47/1 The genus Loftusia (Foraminifera), by Engin Meric and Muhittim Gormus. May 2001. (ISBN 0-913424-51- )

46/2. The antennule in podocopid Ostracoda: chaetotaxy, ontogeny, and morphometrics, by Rosalie Maddocks. December 2000. (ISBN 0-913424-50- )

46/1. Advances in biology of Foraminifera, edited by John J. Lee and Pamela Hallock June 2000. (ISBN 0-913424-49-8)

45/2. Paleocene-Eocene micropaleontology and biostratigraphy of eastern Cuba, edited by Richard Fluegemann and Marie-Pierre Aubry. December 1999. (ISBN 0-913424-48-X)

45/1. Late Jurassic radiolarians from the Antarctic Peninsula, by Wolfgang Kiessling. April 1999. (ISBN 0-913424-47-1)

44/2. Systematics and paleoecology of the benthic foraminifera from the Buff Bay section, Miocene of Jamaica, by Bruce E. Robertson. December 1998. (ISBN 0-913424-46-3)

44/1. Freshwater algae from the Mattagami Formation (Albian), Ontario: paleoecology, botanical affinities, and systematic taxonomy, by Pierre Zippi. June 1998. (ISBN 0-913424-45-5)

43/2. Upper Jurassic Tethyan and southern Boreal radiolarians from western North America, by Donna Meyerhoff Hull. December 1997. (ISBN 0-913424-44-7)

43/1. Biostratigraphy, phylogeny and systematics of Paleocene trochospiral planktonic foraminifera, by William A. Berggren and Richard D. Norris. June 1997. (ISBN 0-913424-43-9)

42. Miocene dinoflagellate stratigraphy and systematics of Maryland and Virginia, by Laurent de Verteuil and Geoffrey Norris. June 1996. (ISBN 0-913424-42-0)

41. Lithostratigraphy and larger foraminiferal (Nummulitid) biostratigraphy of the Tertiary of northern Oman, by Andrew Racey. June 1995. (ISBN 0-913424-41-2)

40. Cenozoic biostratigraphy of the North Sea and Labrador Shelf, by F. M. Gradstein, M. A. Kaminski, W. A. Berggren, I. L. Kristiansen, and M. A. D'Orio. September 1994. (ISBN 0-913424-40-4)

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micropaleontology special papers

ISSN 0160-2071 - Issued irregularly

No. 7, 1993. A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates, by R. A. Fensome, F. J. R. Taylor, G. Norris, W. A. S. Sarjeant, D. I. Wharton, and G. L. Williams. 350 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-39-0) $90.

No. 6, 1993. Radiolaria of giant and subgiant fields of Asia, ed. J. R. Blueford and B. Murchey. Nazarov Memorial Volume. 200 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-38-2) $60

No. 5, 1991. Stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the Campanian Shelf in northeast Texas, by L. B. Thompson, C. J. Heine, S. F. Percival Jr., and M. R. Selznick. 147 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-37-4) $45

No. 3, 1979. Marine plankton and sediments, ed. W. R. Riedel and T. Saito. Third Planktonic Conference and Third Symposium on Recent and Fossil Diatoms, Kiel, September 1974. (ISBN 0-913424-31-5) (Out of print).

No. 4, 1983. Paleocene-Eocene bathyal and abyssal benthic foraminifera from the Atlantic Ocean, by R. Tjalsma and P. Lohman (1983). 90 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-32-3) $45

No. 2, 1976. Radiolarian zonation and stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous portion of the Great Valley sequence, California Coast Ranges, by E. A. Pessagno. 95 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-30-7) $20

No. 1, 1974. Late Neogene epoch boundaries, ed. T. Saito and L. H. Burckle. 244 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-29-3) $20

Festschrift, 1976: Progress in micropaleontology: papers in honor of Prof. Kiyoshi Asano, ed. K. Takayanagi and T. Saito. 422 pp. (ISBN 0-913424-28-5) $35

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