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O' what an endless worke have I in hand


Micropaleontology is published with six issues per year containing peer-reviewed research on systematics, morphology, biology and ecology of animal, plant, and protist microfossils and their living representatives.

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To count the seas abundant progeny


Stratigraphy is published online four times a year with optional printed copies. Subject area ranges across the the entire range of stratigraphic disciplines, with emphasis on applications of micropaleontology.

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Whose fruitfull seede far passeth those on land

Ellis and Messina Catalogues

The Catalogues reproduce the complete type descriptions for genus- and species-level taxa, including full-size reproduction of original figures and charts.

Today there are more than 47,000 Foraminifera, 26,500 Ostracoda, and 7,000 Diatom genera and species descriptions.

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We are a non-profit corporation with the mission of promoting our science through publications, education, and public outreach.