ABSTRACT: The stratigraphic distribution of benthic foraminiferal and dasycladacean algal taxa in the Jurassic platform carbonate succession of the Bolkar Mountains permitted to recognise five zones and two subzones in the Jurassic (Bajocian to Tithonian). These are in ascending order: J1-Bosniella croatica/Riyadhella regularis zone (Bajocian); J2-Redmondoides lugeoni/R. cf. rotundatus zone (lower Bathonian) comprising J2a-Paravalvulina complicata subzone in its middle part; J3-Paleopfenderina trochoidea/P. salernitana zone (upper Bathonian-Callovian) comprising J3a-Satorina apuliensis/Kilianina blancheti subzone in its lower part; J4-Kurnubia ex.gr. palastiniensis zone (Oxfordian-lower Kimmeridgian); J5-Clypeina jurassica zone (upper Kimmeridgian-Tithonian). This biostratigraphic scheme corresponds to those for the peri-Mediterranean Jurassic platforms, except for J2 zone and J2a subzone which are first time introduced from the Bolkar Mountains Jurassic succession. Some benthic foraminiferal taxa which are less known from the peri-Mediterranean Jurassic platforms are discussed in their taxonomic positions and local stratigraphic ranges. Riyadhella regularis which is associated with Bosniella croatica is restricted to the Bajocian, whereas in the other peri-Mediterranean platforms it ranges up to the end of the Callovian as long as Bosniella croatica. Paravalvulina complicata and Redmondoides cf. rotundatus are recorded from the lower Bathonian, below the Satorina apuliensis/Kilianina blancheti subzone (upper Bathonian). Pseudomarssonella gr. maxima is considered as a pfenderinid taxon herein, and ranges from the upper part of the lower Bathonian to the lower Tithonian. “Tokayella” taurica may be related to the genus Bosniella, and is restricted to the Kurnubia ex.gr. palastiniensis zone (Oxfordian-lower Kimmeridgian). The re-establishment of the Bolkar Daon in shallow and restricted marine environments varying from lagoon to peritidal flat of an inner platform.


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