Volume 21, No. 2 posted Jun 2024

  1. Oligocene–middle Miocene of the Mango-2 well, North El Fayrouz Offshore Field, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt
    Omnya Kotb, Ahmed A. Ismail, Mohamed Boukhary, and Safa Sharabi - online
  2. Revision of Uppermost Cambrian (Furongian series) to Lowest Ordovician (Tremadocian stage) stratigraphy in Eastern Nevada, USA
    James F. Miller, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Rebecca L. Freeman, John E. Repetski, Kevin R. Evans, Robert L. Ripperdan, and Raymond L. Ethington - online
  3. NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE Report 16 - Revision of Articles 7 and 20 of the North American Stratigraphic Code to Address Culturally Offensive or Inappropriate Unit Names and to Encourage the Use of Indigenous Place Names
    Robert B. MacNaughton, Lynn T. Dafoe, and James W. Haggart - online

Volume 20, No. 4 posted Dec 2023

  1. Designation of a composite-stratotype section for the lower Paleocene (Danian) Brightseat Formation in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA
    Jean M. Self-Trail, Mercer Parker, David L. Govoni, Laurel M. Bybell, Kristina F. Gardner, and Gregory S. Gohn - online
  2. Neogene-Quaternary Mediterranean calcareous nannofossil biozonation and biochronology: A review
    Agata Di Stefano, Niccolo Baldassini, Isabella Raffi, Eliana Fornaciari, Alessandro Incarbona, Alessandra Negri, Sergio Bonomo, Giuliana Villa, Enrico Di Stefano, and Domenico Rio - online
  3. Sedimentology, T-R sequence stratigraphy and geochemical characterization of sedimentary successions of the West and Central African Rift System, Koum Basin
    Junior Agbor Taku, Olivier Anoh Njoh, Nicoline Ngum Fon, and Moise Bessong - online

Volume 20, No. 3 posted Sep 2023

  1. Biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy of the Minjur and Marrat Formations (Upper Triassic to Middle Jurassic) in Kuwait
    Sandra Crespo de Cabrera, Thomas de Keyser, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, Hajar A. Al-Wazzan, and Adi P. Kadar - online
  2. Early Pliocene (Zanclean) stratigraphic framework for PRISM5/PlioMIP3 time slices

    Harry J. Dowsett, Marci M. Robinson, Kevin M. Foley, Stephen J. Hunter, Aisling M. Dolan, and Julia C. Tindall - online
  3. NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE Report 15 - Revised Articles 2, 61 and 62 of the North American Stratigraphic Code to Formalize Chemostratigraphic Units

    Robert W. Scott, Carlton E. Brett, Richard H. Jr. Fluegeman, Brian R. Pratt, and Ed Landing - online

Volume 20, No. 2 posted Jun 2023

  1. Middle Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) Fusulinids of the Bug Scuffle Limestone Member of the Gobbler Formation, Sacramento Mountains, South-Central New Mexico

    Gregory P. Wahlman and Benjamin Rendall - online
  2. A new lithostratigraphic profile for Cretaceous to Paleogene successions in the West and Central African Rift System, Koum Basin, northern Cameroon
    Phoebe Ursala Mbafor, Nicoline Ngum Fon, Olivier Anoh Njoh, Junior Agbor-Taku, and Moise Bessong - online
  3. High resolution sequence stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous rocks of the Jaisalmer Basin
    Rajesh Pandey, B. P. Noina, Soumya Jana, and A. S. Maurya - online
  4. A method of establishing high-resolution isochronous stratigraphic framework in 3D seismic data volume
    Feng Guo, Changshuan Ji, Shenghua Lai, and Lei Zhang - online

Volume 19, No. 2 posted Jun 2022

  1. Conodonts and the correlation of the Lower Permian Yeso Group, New Mexico, USA
    Spencer G. Lucas, Charles M. Henderson, James E. Barrick, and Karl Krainer - online
  2. Stratigraphy and depositional environment of a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate platform and slope succession of the Paleogene Nisai Group, Pakistan
    Aminullah Kakar, Akhtar Muhammad Kasi, Andrea Benedetti, and Aimal Khan Kasi - online
  3. Evaluating the paleoenvironmental significance of sediment grain size in Bering Sea sediments during Marine Isotope Stage 11
    Natalie S. Thompson and Beth E. Caissie - online
  4. Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Turonian-Coniacian transition interval in the Kopeh-Dagh sedimentary basin, NE Iran
    Mohammad Haddadi, Mohammad Vahidinia, Mohamad Hosein Mahmudy Gharaie, Meysam Shafiee Ardestani, and Dalila Zaghbib-Turki - online
  5. Supplemental Data for Evaluating the paleoenvironmental significance of sediment grain size in Bering Sea sediments during Marine Isotope Stage 11

    Natalie S. Thompson and Beth E. Caissie - online

Volume 17, No. 4 posted Dec 2020

  1. An Austral radiolarian biozonation for the Paleogene
    Christopher J. Hollis, Kristina M. Pascher, Annika Sanfilippo, Akiko Nishimura, Shin-ichi Kamikuri, and Claire L. Shepherd - online
  2. Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from maximum flooding surface J30, Middle Jurassic Dhruma Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
    Michael A. Kaminski, Abduljamiu O. Amao, Lamidi O. Babalola, Ramona Balc, Septriandi A. Chan, Hafiz M. Gull, Ali Bu Khamsin, and Muhammad H. Malik - online
  3. Depositional sequence stratigraphy of Turonian to Santonian sediments, Cape Fear arch, North Carolina Coastal Plain, USA
    Wilma B. Aleman Gonzalez, Jean M. Self-Trail, W. Burleigh Harris, Jessica Pierson Moore, and Kathleen M. Farrell - online
  4. NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE Report 14 - Revision of Articles 73, 81, 82 and Table 2 of the North American Stratigraphic Code to Formalize Subseries and Subepochs

    Marie-Pierre Aubry, Richard Fluegeman, Lucy Edwards, Brian R. Pratt, and Carlton E. Brett - online
  5. An Austral radiolarian biozonation for the Paleogene - Supplementary Material

    - online

Volume 17, No. 3 posted Aug 2020

  1. Early Silurian Benthic Foraminifera from Saudi Arabia - including the oldest known multichambered lituolids
    Michael A. Kaminski and Pramudya R. D. Perdana - online
  2. Slump/Slide facies and biostratigraphy at the transition of the Cieszyn and Hradiste formations in the Cieszyn (Tesin) Section (Outer Flysch Carpathians)
    Miroslav Bubik, Jan Golonka, Daniela Rehakova, Petr Skupien, Lilian Svabenicka, and Anna Waskowska - online
  3. Successful complete digestion of well lithified shale and extraction of microfossils from Devonian beds in western New York
    Kimberly C. Meehan, Cody Kowalski, Kimberly Bartlett, Isabelle Li, and Paul Bembia - online

Volume 17, No. 1 posted Mar 2020

  1. Middle and Upper Jurassic strata of the Gotnia Basin, onshore Kuwait: Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, integrated biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments, Part 2
    Sandra Crespo de Cabrera, Thomas De Keyser, Hajar Al-Wazzan, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, Adi P. Kadar, Khalaf A. Karam, Stephen Packer, Stephen Starkie, and James Keegan - online
  2. Improved conodont biostratigraphic constraint of the Carboniferous/Permian boundary in south-central New Mexico, USA
    Scott M. Ritter - online
  3. North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Note 70: Records of the Stratigraphic Commission 2014-2017

    Richard H. Fluegeman, Carlton E. Brett, Frank Brunton, Lucy E. Edwards, and Howard Harper - online

Volume 16, No. 3 posted Aug 2019

  1. The mid-Piacenzian of the North Atlantic Ocean

    Harry J. Dowsett, Marci M. Robinson, Kevin M. Foley, Timothy D. Herbert, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, and Whittney Spivey - online
  2. Stratigraphy and lithology of the Logan Gulch Member of the Three Forks Formation in the type area and its regional stratigraphic framework
    Nicholas J. Hogancamp, John C. Hohman, and John M. Guthrie - online
  3. Middle and Upper Jurassic Strata of the Gotnia Basin, Onshore Kuwait: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Integrated Biostratigraphy and Palaeoenvironments, Part 1
    Sandra Crespo de Cabrera, Thomas De Keyser, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, Al-Wazzan Hajar, Adi P. Kadar, and Khalaf A. Karam - online

Volume 16, No. 2 posted Jun 2019

  1. Conodont and fusulinid biostratigraphy of the Strawn Group (Desmoinesian, Middle Pennsylvanian) and lower part of the "Wolfcamp Shale" (Missourian-Virgilian, Late Pennsylvanian) in the northern Midland Basin, West Texas
    James E. Barrick and Gregory P. Wahlman - online
  2. Earliest Miocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy from the low-latitude Pisco Basin (Peru)
    Emilia R. Belia, Kevin E. Nick, Erika Bedoya Agudelo, and David K. Watkins - online
  3. Biosteering carbonate reservoirs - the Upper Permian Khuff Formation of Saudi Arabia
    G. Wyn Hughes, Hani Boukhamsin, Saleh Al-Enezy, Samir Rashid, A. Dhubaib, and Mohammed Alqattan - online

Volume 16, No. 1 posted Mar 2019

  1. Sequence stratigraphic framework of the Wara and Ahmadi Formations, onshore Kuwait
    Abdulkader H. Youssef, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, Adi P. Kadar, Khalaf A. Karam, Stephen Packer, Stephen Starkie, and Darrin Stead - online
  2. Late Ordovician agglutinated foraminifera from the Ra'an Shale Member, Qasim Formation of Saudi Arabia as indicators of the O40 Maximum Flooding Surface
    Michael A. Kaminski, Pramudya Perdana, Mohamed O. Abouelresh, and Lamidi Babalola - online
  3. Geology and biostratigraphy of the Upper Floridan aquifer in the greater Savannah region, Georgia and South Carolina
    Jean M. Self-Trail, Mercer Parker, John T. Haynes, Arthur P. Schultz, and Paul F. Huddlestun - online

Volume 15, No. 3 posted Sep 2018

  1. Stratigraphy and larger benthic foraminifera of Middle Eocene to Middle Miocene rocks along the Tobruk-Al Bardia scarps, northeastern Cyrenaica, Libya
    Esam O. Abdulsamad, Salah S. El-Ekhfifi, and Ahmed M. Muftah - online
  2. The significance of dinoflagellates in the Miocene Choptank Formation beneath the Midlothian gravels in the southeastern Virginia Piedmont
    Lucy E. Edwards, Robert E. Weems, Mark W. Carter, David B. Spears, and David S. Powars - online
  3. The biostratigraphy of the Bakken Formation: A review and new data
    Nicholas J. Hogancamp and David T. Pocknall - online
  4. Toarcian-Bathonian palynostratigraphy and anoxic event in Pakistan: An organic geochemical study
    Fahad Ali, Sajjad Ahmad, Suleman Khan, Muhammad Hanif, and Jin Qiang - online

Volume 15, No. 1 posted Feb 2018

  1. Lithologies, ages, and provenance of clasts in the Ordovician Fincastle Conglomerate, Botetourt County, Virginia, USA

    Harvey E. Belkin, John E. Repetski, Frank T. Dulong, and Nelson L. Hickling - online
  2. Sedimentological and stratigraphic associations of Earlandia (Foraminifera) from the Lower Triassic Khuff carbonates in central Saudi Arabia
    Ammar Adam and Michael A. Kaminski - online
  3. Middle Jurassic planktonic foraminifera in Saudi Arabia – a new biostratigraphical marker for the J30 maximum flooding surface in the Middle East
    Michael A. Kaminski, Septriandi A. Chan, Ramona Balc, Hafiz Mehtab Gull, Abduljamiu O. Amao, and Lameed O. Babalola - online
  4. Planktonic foraminifera and dinoflagellate cysts from the Upper Cretaceous Abderaz Formation in the Koppeh-Dagh Basin, NE Iran
    Elham Davtalab, Mohammad Vahidinia, Ebrahim Ghasemi-Nejad, and Alireza Ashouri - online

Volume 14, No. 1-4 posted Nov 2017

  1. A tribute to H. Richard Lane (1942-2015)
    Paul Brenckle - online
  2. Late Early Carboniferous conodonts from a supposed Middle Devonian reef limestone of the Marrakech region (Morocco)
    Sarah Zhor Aboussalam, Ralph Thomas Becker, Ahmed El Hassani, Stephan Eichholt, and Lahssem Baidder - online
  3. A chronostratigaphic framework for the Carboniferous Kashagan buildup, Pre-Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan
    Paul L. Brenckle and Joel F. Collins - online
  4. Pennsylvanian conodont zonation of the Tapajos Group (Amazonas Basin, Brazil)
    Cassiane N. Cardoso, Javier Sanz-Lopez, and Silvia Blanco-Ferrera - online
  5. Depositional environments, microfacies, and stratigraphic architecture of the Kashagan isolated buildup (Carboniferous), Pre-Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan
    Joel F. Collins and Paul L. Brenckle - online
  6. Subaerial exposures in the Tournaisian (Lower Carboniferous) of the central Carnic Alps (Italy)
    Carlo Corradini, Angelo Mossoni, Monica Pondrelli, Luca Simonetto, Claudia Spalletta, and Roberto Zucchini - online
  7. Transgressive-regressive cycles in the metalliferous, oil shale-bearing Heath Formation (Upper Mississippian), central Montana
    Julie A. Dumoulin, Craig A. Johnson, Karen D. Kelley, Palma Jarboe, Paul Hackley, Clint Scott, and John F. Slack - online
  8. Floras characteristic of Late Pennsylvanian peat swamps arose in the late Middle Pennsylvanian
    Scott D. Elrick, W. John Nelson, Philip R. Ames, and William A. DiMichele - online
  9. The Dzerzhinka Section (eastern slope of the South Urals): an overview of the fauna and facies around the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary
    Yuriy A. Gatovsky, Svetlana V. Nikolaeva, Elena N. Gorozhanina, Elena I. Kulagina, Valery M. Gorozhanin, Alexander S. Alekseev, Anita G. Mizens, and Larisa I. Mizens - online
  10. Geometric morphometric analysis of P1 element asymmetry in the Late Pennsylvanian conodont Idiognathodus magnificus Stauffer and Plummer 1932
    Nicholas J. Hogancamp, Steven J. Rosscoe, and James E. Barrick - online
  11. The Moscovian (Pennsylvanian) conodont genus Swadelina from Luodian, southern Guizhou, South China
    Keyi Hu and Yuping Qi - online
  12. The occurrence of Polygnathus tuberculatus in lag deposits near the Middle-Upper Devonian boundary and its stratigraphic range in the conodont zonation
    Gilbert Klapper - online
  13. Lithostratigraphy and microfossil biostratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian-lower Permian Horquilla Formation at New Well Peak, Big Hatchet Mountains, New Mexico, USA
    Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, James E. Barrick, Daniel Vachard, and Scott M. Ritter - online
  14. Journey to the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary GSSP: a long and winding road
    Walter L. Manger - online
  15. Devonian and Carboniferous stratigraphy and conodont biostratigraphy of the Malay Peninsula in a regional tectonic context
    Ian Metcalfe - online
  16. Reconstruction of the skeletal apparatus of Flajsella Valenzuela-Rios and Murphy 1997 (Devonian conodont)
    Michael A. Murphy and Jose I. Valenzuela-Rios - online
  17. Late Mississippian-Middle Pennsylvanian conodont zonation of Ukraine
    Tamara I. Nemyrovska - online
  18. Conodonts, ammonoids, foraminifers, and depositional setting of the Serpukhovian and Bashkirian stages in the Kugarchi Section in the South Urals, Russia
    Svetlana V. Nikolaeva, Elena I. Kulagina, Elena N. Gorozhanina, Alexander S. Alekseev, and Vera A. Konovalova - online
  19. Benthic biostratigraphy of the upper Eifelian (Devonian) Hume Formation at Hume River (type locality), northern MackenzieMountains, Northwest Territories, Canada
    Alan E. H. Pedder - online
  20. Impact of an icehouse climate interval on tropical vegetation and plant evolution
    Hermann W. Pfefferkorn, Robert A. Gastaldo, and William A. DiMichele - online
  21. Atokan (Middle Pennsylvanian) conodonts from laterally restricted pre-Cherokee units of southwestern Missouri
    Thomas L. Thompson and Lance L. Lambert - online
  22. Conodont biostratigraphy and T-R cycles of the Middle Devonian Hume Formation at Hume River (type locality), northern Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada
    Thomas T. Uyeno, Alan E. H. Pedder, and Theodore A. Uyeno - online
  23. The 'global' scheme of Pennsylvanian chronostratigraphic units contrasted with the West European and North American regional classifications: discussion of paleogeographic zones/regions and problems of correlation
    Robert H. Wagner - online
  24. Leonardian (lower Permian) fusulinids from the Cibolo Formation, Chinati Mountains, Presidio County, Texas, USA
    Gregory P. Wahlman, Christopher R. Pate, David M. Rohr, and Charles A. Ross - online
  25. Neodymium isotope ratios and a positive d13C excursion: interpreting the connection between oceanographic and climate changes during the early Late Ordovician of Laurentia
    Zachary A. Wright, Page C. Quinton, Ellen E. Martin, Stephen A. Leslie, Kenneth G. MacLeod, and Achim D. Herrmann - online
  26. The symmetry of the rostrum as a key to taxonomy of advanced Siphonodella (Conodonta, Early Carboniferous)
    Andrey V. Zhuravlev and Artem N. Plotitsyn - online

Volume 13, No. 3 posted Apr 2017

  1. The Marcellus subgroup in the type area, central New York State
    Erika M. Danielsen, D. Jeffrey Over, Gordon C. Baird, and Charles A. Ver Straeten - online
  2. Lithostratigraphic interpretation and redefinition of the sedimentary clastic assemblage (Bayfield Group, and Jacobsville Sandstone) in Michigan and Wisconsin, USA and Ontario, Canada
    Steven D. J. Baumann, Alexandra B. Cory, and Sandra K. Dylka - online
  3. A revised Plio-Pleistocene age model and paleoceanography of the northeastern Caribbean Sea: IODP Site U1396 off Montserrat, Lesser Antilles
    Andrew J. Fraass , Deborah Wall-Palmer, R. Mark Leckie, Robert G. Hatfield, Stephen J. Burns, Anne Le Friant, Osamu Ishizuka, Mohammed Aljahdali, Martin Jutzeler, Michael Martinez-Colon, Martin Palmer, and Peter J. Talling - online
  4. Tectonic sequences of Triassic strata in the southern Ordos Basin, China
    Yu Zhang, Yangyang Chen, Qichao Zhang, and Xianghong Meng - online
  5. North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Report 12

    Robert M. Easton, Lucy E. Edwards, Randall C. Orndorff, Manuel Duguet, and Ismael Ferrusquia-Villafranca - online

Volume 12, No. 3-4 posted Apr 2016

  1. The Ordovician Exposed: Contributions from the 12th International Symposium on the Ordovician System

    Stephen A. Leslie, Daniel Goldman, and Randall C. Orndorff - online
  2. Proposed Auxiliary Boundary Stratigraphic Section and Point (ASSP) for the base of the Ordovician System at Lawson Cove, Utah, USA
    James F. Miller, Kevin R. Evans, Raymond L. Ethington, Rebecca L. Freeman, James D. Loch, John E. Repetski, Robert L. Ripperdan, and John F. Taylor - online
  3. Conodonts from the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary in the Cordillera Oriental, NW Argentina
    Guillermo L. Albanesi, M. Eugenia Giuliano, Fernanda E. Pacheco, Gladys Ortega, and c. Ruben Monaldi - online
  4. Iberian Ordovician and its international correlation
    Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Marco, Artur A. Sá, Isabel Rábano, Graciela N. Sarmiento, Diego C. García-Bellido, Enrique Bernárdez, Saturnino Lorenzo, Enrique Villas, Andrea Jiménez-Sánchez, Jorge Colmenar, and Samuel Zamora - online
  5. Factors influencing conodont apatite 18O variability in the Ordovician: a case study from New South Wales, Australia
    Page C. Quinton, Ian G. Percival, Yong Yi Zhen, and Kenneth G. MacLeod - online
  6. Apaired neodymium and oxygen isotopic perspective on paleoceanographic changes across the Dubuque/Maquoketa contact in the Late Ordovician Laurentian seaway
    Kelsey Putman Hughes, Kenneth G. MacLeod, Shannon J. Haynes, Page C. Quinton, Ellen E. Martin, and Raymond Ethington - online
  7. Milankovitch cycles in the Juniata Formation, Late Ordovician, Central Appalachian Basin, USA
    Linda A. Hinnov and Richard J. Diecchio - online
  8. Upper Ordovician (Sandbian-Katian) sub-surface stratigraphy of the Cincinnati Region (Ohio, USA): transition into the Sebree Trough
    Allison L. Young, Carlton E. Brett, and Patrick I. McLaughlin - online
  9. Refined stratigraphy of the Late Ordovician (Katian; Richmondian) Waynesville Formation across the northeastern and northwestern margin of the Cincinnati Arch
    Christopher D. Aucoin and Carlton E. Brett - online

Volume 12, No. 3-4 Online Supplement posted Jun 2015

  1. 12th International Conference on the Ordovician System SHORT PAPERS AND ABSTRACTS

    - online
  2. PRE-CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP: Katian GSSP and Carbonates of the Simpson and Arbuckle Groups in Oklahoma

    Jesse R. Carlucci, Daniel Goldman, Carlton E. Brett, Stephen R. Westrop, and Stephen A. Leslie - online
  3. PRE-CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP: Ordovician of the Southern Appalachians, June 3rd – 7th, 2015

    Achim Hermann and John T. Haynes - online
  4. MID-CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP: Ordovician of Germany Valley, West Virginia, June 10th, 2015

    John T. Haynes, Keith E. Goggin, Randall C. Orndorff, and Lisa R. Goggin - online
  5. POST CONFERENCE FIELD TRIP: The Central Appalachians

    John F. Taylor, Editor and James D. Loch, Editor - online

Volume 12, No. 2 posted Nov 2015

  1. Preface to Upper Paleozoic stratigraphy of the southwest United States

    Bruce R. Wardlaw and Merlynd K. Nestell - online
  2. Stratigraphic framework and biostratigraphic significance of the terminal Guadalupian Reef Trail Member, Bell Canyon Formation in the Patterson Hills, Type Guadalupian Area, Texas
    Gorden L. Bell, Jonena M. Hearst, Merlynd K. Nestell, Galina P. Nestell, and Lance L. Lambert - online
  3. A new shelf-to-basin timeline for the Middle Permian (Guadalupian) Capitan Depositional System, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, USA
    Brian L. Nicklen, Gorden L. Bell, and Warren D. Huff - online
  4. Tephrochronology of the Manzanita Limestone in the Middle Permian (Guadalupian) Type Area, West Texas and southeastern New Mexico, USA
    Brian L. Nicklen, Gorden L. Bell, Lance L. Lambert, and Warren D. Huff - online
  5. Regional implications of new chronostratigraphic and paleogeographic data from the Early Permian Darwin Basin, east-central California
    Calvin H. Stevens, Paul Stone, and Robert T. Magginetti - online
  6. Architecture and evolution of an Early Permian carbonate complex on a tectonically active island in east-central California
    Calvin H. Stevens, Robert T. Magginetti, and Paul Stone - online
  7. Stratigraphy and paleogeographic significance of a Late Pennsylvanian to Early Permian channeled slope sequence in the Darwin Basin, southern Darwin Hills, east-central California
    Calvin H. Stevens, Paul Stone, Robert T. Magginetti, and Scott M. Ritter - online
  8. Editorial: The value of formal subseries

    John A. Van Couvering, Brian McGowran, and William A. Berggren - online

Volume 12, No. 1 posted Jun 2015

  1. Conodont-based stratigraphy in the Devonian of the Serre Massif (southern Italy)
    Pilar Navas-Parejo, Roberta Somma, Rosario Rodriguez Canero, Augustin Martin-Algarra, and Vincenzo Perrone - online
  2. Amphimelissa setosa (Cleve) (Polycystina, Nassellaria) - a stratigraphic and paleoecological marker of migrating polar environments in the northern hemisphere during the Quaternary
    Kjell R. Bjorklund, Kentaro Hatekeda, Svetlana B. Kruglikova, and Alexander G. Matul - online
  3. NACSN- Note 67 – Application for Revision of Article 37, Lithodemic Units, of the North American Stratigraphic Code

    Robert M. Easton, Lucy E. Edwards, Randall C. Orndorff, Manuel Duguet, and Ismael Ferrusquia-Villafranca - online
  4. The Triassic-Jurassic strata of the Newark Basin, USA: Acomplete and accurate astronomically-tuned timescale?
    Lawrence H. Tanner and Spencer G. Lucas - online
  5. Late Cretaceous to early Paleogene foraminiferal biozones in the Tibetan Himalayas, and a pan-Tethyan foraminiferal correlation scheme
    Marcelle K. BouDagher-Fadel, G. David Price, Xiumian Hu, and Juan Li - online

Volume 11, No. 3-4

  1. Eocene stratigraphy of the Wadi Al-Hitan World Heritage Site and adjacent areas (Fayum, Egypt)
    Chris King, Charlie Underwood, and Etienne Steurbaut
  2. Post-Collision Deposition of Balanga Formation in northwest Mindoro, Philippines: Calcareous Nannofossil Evidence
    Deborah N. Tangunan, Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Jamila B. Abuda, Lara Angeli T. Mambuay, Camille Regina A. Ramos, Allan Gil S. Fernando, Carla B. Dimalanta, Decibel V. Faustino-Eslava, Chelo S. Pascua, and Edmundo P. Vargas Vargas
  3. The neglected history of Oceanic Anoxic Event 1b: insights and new data from the Poggio le Guaine section (Umbria–Marche Basin)
    Rodolfo Coccioni, Nadia Sabatino, Fabrizio Frontalini, Silvia Gardin, Marianna Sideri, and Mario Sprovieri
  4. Conodont zones and related ash beds through the Permian-Triassic Boundary in South China
    Ning Zhang, Wenchen Xia, Wenli Zhong, Qinglai Feng, Qiuling Gao, and Sha Wu
  5. Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy from the middle/late Miocene of Malta and Gozo (Central Mediterranean)
    Rita Catanzariti and Michael Gatt

Volume 11, No. 2

  1. Seismic and sequence stratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous–Tertiary succession, eastern Abu-Gharadig Basin, Western Desert, Egypt
    Mohamed Boukhary, Samah El Nahas, Ahmed Abd El Naby, Mohamed Hamed Abdel Aal, Mohamed Mahsoub, and Mahmoud Faris
  2. North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature Note 66: Records of Stratigraphic Commission, 2003-2013

    Robert M. Easton, Octavian Catuneanu, Art D. Donovan, Richard H. Fluegeman, A. P. (Tony) Hamblin, Howard Harper, Norman P. Lasca, Jared R. Morrow, Randall C. Orndorff, Peter Sadler, Robert W. Scott, and Berry H. (Nick) Tew
  3. Tempo and duration of short-term environmental perturbations across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
    Dorothee Husson, Bruno Galbrun, Silvia Gardin, and Nicholas Thibault
  4. Morozovella gorrondatxensis (Orue-Etxebarria 1985) vs M. crater (Hornibrook 1958): taxonomy and significance for Early/Middle Eocene boundary biostratigraphy
    Xabier Orue-Etxtebarria, Aitor Payros, Fernando Caballero, Estibaliz Apellaniz, Victoriano Pujalte, and Silvia Ortiz

Volume 10, No. 4

  1. IGCP 591 – The Early to Middle Paleozoic Revolution: Special Volume in Honor of August F. Foerste
    Bradley D. Cramer and Michael J. Melchin
  2. The Ordovician-Silurian boundary (late Katian-Hirnantian) of western Anticosti Island: revised stratigraphy and benthic megafaunal correlations
    Paul Copper, Jisuo Jin, and Andre Desrochers
  3. New palynological data from the Upper Ordovician of the Precordillera Basin, Argentina: A potential key for understanding the geological history of the Precordillera terrain
    G. Susana de la Puente and Claudia V. Rubinstein
  4. Biostratigraphy of a Silurian ‘hot’ shale from western Iraq
    David K. Loydell, Anthony Butcher, and Ali I. Al-Juboury
  5. The Digital Integrated Stratigraphy Project (DISP) Development Phase II: On-site 3D access, analysis and integration of stratigraphic data using PCs and 3D Photorealistic Models
    Michelle Iris Rodriguez-Gomez, Bradley D. Cramer, Brian Burnham, Miao Wang, Lu Chen, and Carlos L. V. Aiken
  6. Integrating Magnetic Susceptibility Data with Sequence Stratigraphy in the Ironstone Bearing Successions (Lower Silurian) of Eastern North America
    Nicholas B. Sullivan and Carlton E. Brett
  7. Integrating Magnetic Susceptibility data with sequence stratigraphy - Appendix
    Nicholas B. Sullivan and Carlton E. Brett
  8. Chitinozoan biostratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician D. clingani and P. linearis graptolite biozones on the Island of Bornholm, Denmark
    Thijs R. A. Vandenbroucke, Philippe Recourt, Jaak Nolvak, and Arne T. Nielisen
  9. An Early Ordovician conodont fauna from the Santa Rosita Formation at its type area in the Santa Victoria Range, Cordillera Oriental, Northwestern Argentina
    Gustavo G. Voldman, Guillermo L. Albanesi, Cesar R. Monaldi, and Fernando J. Zeballo

Volume 10, No. 3

  1. Paleozoic stratigraphy of the Longi-Taormina Unit (PeloritanianMountains, southern Italy)
    Roberta Somma, Pilar Navas-Parejo, Augustinq Martín-Algarra, Rosario Rodríguez-Cañero, Vincenzo Perone, and Carlos Martínez-Pérez
  2. The Carboniferous-Permian boundary at Carrizo Arroyo, Central New Mexico, USA
    Spencer G. Lucas, James E. Barrick, Karl Krainer, and Jorg W. Schneider
  3. The Aktulagay section, west Kazakhstan: a key site for northern mid-latitude Early Eocene stratigraphy
    Chris King, Alina Iakovleva, Etienne Steurbaut, Claus Heilmann-Clausen, and David Ward
  4. Robert William O’Brien Knox

Volume 9, No. 3-4

  1. Introduction to Early Paleogene geohistory of Egypt: The Dababiya Quarry Corehole
    William A. Berggren and Khaled Ouda
  2. The Dababiya Quarry Corehole in Dababiya Natural Park, southern Nile Valley, Egypt
    M. M. Senosy and A. Abdel-Sabour
  3. Geophysical logging and magnetic susceptibility studies on the Dababiya Quarry Corehole, Dababiya Natural Park, southern Nile Valley, Egypt
    M. M. Senosy and A. Abdel-Sabour
  4. Data Report: Magnetic susceptibility measurements on Dababiya core
    Benjamin S. Cramer
  5. Lithostratigraphy of the upper Maastrichtian to lower Eocene succession in the Dababiya Corehole, Egypt
    Christian Dupuis and Robert W. OBrien Knox
  6. Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Paleocene/Eocene boundary interval in the Dababiya Quarry Corehole, Dababiya, Upper Nile Valley, Egypt
    Khaled Ouda, William A. Berggren, and Ayman Abdel-Sabour
  7. Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the upper Cretaceous to mid-Paleocene of the Dababiya Quarry Corehole, Upper Nile Valley, Egypt
    Nageh Obaidalla
  8. The Dababiya Quarry Core: Coccolith biostratigraphy
    Marie-Pierre Aubry and Rehab Salem
  9. Ammonites from the Dababiya Quarry Corehole: Taxonomic notes and age assessment
    Stijn Goolaerts and Christian Dupuis
  10. Uppermost Cretaceous to lowermost Eocene benthic foraminifera of the Dababiya Corehole, Upper Nile Valley, Egypt
    Laia Alegret and Silvia Ortiz
  11. Clay mineralogy in the Dababiya Quarry Corehole
    Christian Dupuis
  12. The Dababiya Core: A window into Paleocene to early Eocene depositional history in Egypt based on coccolith stratigraphy
    Marie-Pierre Aubry and Rehab Salem
  13. Paleocene depositional environments and depositional sequences in the Dababiya Quarry Corehole (Egypt)
    Chris King
  14. Summary and Conclusions
    William A. Berggren
  15. Appendix: Graphic logs of the upper Maastrichtian to lower early Eocene succession in the Dababiya Corehole, Egypt
    Robert William OBrien Knox, Christian Dupuis, Chris King, and Ben Cramer

Volume 8, No. 2-3

  1. Progress towards the definition of the Global Stratotype Section and Point of the Langhian Stage
    Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Agata Di Stefano, and Elena Turco
  2. Integrated stratigraphy of the La Vedova section (Conero Riviera, Italy) and implications for the Burdigalian/Langhian boundary
    Elena Turco, Antonio Cascella, Rocco Gennari, Frits J. Hilgen, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, and Leonardo Sagnotti
  3. High-resolution stratigraphy of the Contrada Pesciarello borehole succession (SE Sicily): a lower Langhian reference section for the Mediterranean region
    Agata Di Stefano, Marina Verducci, Rosanna Maniscalco, Fabio Speranza, and Luca M. Foresi
  4. Integrated stratigraphy of St. Peter’s Pool section (Malta): new age for the Upper Globigerina Limestone member and progress towards the Langhian GSSP
    Luca M. Foresi, Marina Verducci, Niccolo Baldassini, Fabrizio Lirer, Roberto Mazzei, Salvatorini Gianfranco, Luciana Ferraro, and Simone Da Prato
  5. Calcareous plankton events at the Early/MiddleMiocene transition of DSDP Hole 608: comparison with Mediterranean successions for definition of the Langhian GSSP
    Agata Di Stefano, Marina Verducci, Antonio Cascella, and Silvia Maria Iaccarino
  6. Revisiting the taxonomy of the intermediate stages in the Globigerinoides - Praeorbulina lineage
    Elena Turco, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Luca M. Foresi, Gianfranco Salvatorini, Federica Riforgiato, and Marina Verducci
  7. Globorotalia mariae mariae and G. mariae gratiae: Two new planktonic Foraminifera from the middleMiocene of the Mediterranean
    Gianfranco Salvatorini, Federica Riforgiato, and Marina Verducci
  8. High-resolution integrated stratigraphy of the upper Burdigalian-lower Langhian in the Mediterranean: the Langhian historical stratotype and new candidate sections for defining its GSSP
    Frits J. Hilgen, Marina Verducci, Fabio Speranza, Gianfranco Salvatorini, Leonardo Sagnotti, Bianca Russo, Federica Riforgiato, Roberto Mazzei, Rosanna Maniscalco, Fabrizio Lirer, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Rocco Gennari, Luciana Ferraro, Simone Da Prato, Antonio Cascella, Niccolo Baldassini, Elena Turco, Luca M. Foresi, and Agata Di Stefano

Volume 7, No. 2-3

  1. Pliocene Climate
    Harry J. Dowsett and Rocio P. Caballero Gill
  2. Sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Pliocene sea surface temperatures
    Daniel J. Hill, Aisling M. Dolan, Alan M. Haywood, Stephen J. Hunter, and Danielle K. Stoll
  3. The PRISM3D paleoenvironmental reconstruction
    Harry J. Dowsett, Marci M. Robinson, Alan M. Haywood, Ulrich Salzmann, Daniel Hill, Linda Sohl, Mark Chandler, Mark Williams, Kevin Foley, and Danielle K. Stoll
  4. Cooling upwelling regions along the California margin during the early Pliocene: evidence for a shoaling thermocline
    Chelsea Reed-Sterrett, Petra S. Dekens, Lisa D. White, and Ivano W. Aiello
  5. Low-latitude northern hemisphere oceanographic andclimatic responses to early shoaling of the Central American Seaway
    Brendan P. Lutz
  6. ePRISM: A case study in multiple proxy and mixed temporal resolution integration
    Marci M. Robinson and Harry J. Dowsett
  7. Mid-Piacenzian mean annual sea surface temperature: an analysis for data-model comparisons
    Harry J. Dowsett, Marci M. Robinson, Danielle K. Stoll, and Kevin M. Foley
  8. Early Pliocene Weddell Sea seasonality determined from bryozoans
    Nicola Clark, Mark Williams, Beth Okamura, John Smellie, Anna Nelson, Tanya Knowles, Paul Taylor, Melanie Leng, Jan Zalasiewicz, and Alan Haywood
  9. Early to mid-Pliocene environmentally constrained diatom assemblages from the AND-1B drillcore, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
    Diane Winter, Charlotte Sjunneskog, and David Harwood

Volume 6, No. 1

  1. The Neogene and Quaternary: chronostratigraphic compromise or non-overlapping magisteria?
    Marie-Pierre Aubry, William A. Berggren, John Van Couvering, Brian McGowran, Frits Hilgen, Fritz Steininger, and Lucas Lourens
  2. Numerical age calibration of the Albian/Cenomanian boundary
    Robert W. Scott, Franscisca E. Oboh-Ikuenobe, Don G. Benson, and John M. Holbrook
  3. Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the central Mediterranean Basin during the last 430,000 years
    Allesandro Incarbona, Enrico Di Stefano, and Sergio Bonomo
  4. Integrated Late Santonian-Early Campanian sequence stratigraphy, New Jersey Coastal Plain: Implications for global sea-level studies
    Svetlana Mizintseva, James V. Browning, Kenneth G. Miller, Richard K. Olsson, and James D. Wright
  5. Recognizing former flood-tide deltas in the Holocene stratigraphic record from the Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA
    Christopher G. Smith, Stephen J. Culver, David J. Mallinson, Stanley R. Riggs, and D. Reide Corbett
  6. High-resolution hydro- and geo-stratigraphy at Atlantic Coastal Plain drillhole CR-622 (Strat 8)
    Beth M. Wrege and J. Jeffery Isely

Volume 5, No. 34

  1. Messinian salinity crisis revisited-II: New views of a vanished ocean
    Vinicio Manzi, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Stefano Lugli, and Marco Roveri
  2. Modeling the magnitude and timing of evaporative drawdown during the Messinian salinity crisis
    William B. F. Ryan
  3. Is there a Messinian unconformity in the Central Paratethys?
    Imre Magyar and Orsolya Sztano
  4. The Bajo Segura Basin (SE Spain): implications for the Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean margins
    Jesus M. Soria, Jesus E. Caracuel, Hugo Corbi, Jaume Dinares-Turell, Carlos Lancis, Jose E. Tent-Manclus, and Alfonso Yebenes
  5. Foraminiferal record and astronomical cycles: An example from the Messinian pre-evaporitic Gello Composite Section (Tuscany, Italy)
    Federica Riforgiato, Luca Maria Foresi, Mauro Aldinucci, Robero Mazzei, Francesca Donia, Rocco Gennari, Gianfranco Salvatorini, and Fabio Sandrelli
  6. The Trave section (Monte dei Corvi, Ancona, Central Italy): an integrated paleontological study of the Messinian deposits
    Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Adele Bertini, Agata Di Stefano, Luciana Ferraro, Rocco Gennari, Francesco Grossi, Fabrizio Lirer, Vinicio Manzi, Elena Menichetti, Marianna Ricci Lucchi, Marco Taviani, Gioconda Sturiale, and Lorenzo Angeletti
  7. The Messinian – Zanclean boundary in the Northern Apennine
    Rocco Gennari, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Agata Di Stefano, Gioconda Sturiale, Paola Cipollari, Vinicio Manzi, Marco Roveri, and Domenico Cosentino
  8. A high-resolution stratigraphic framework for the latest Messinian events in the Mediterranean area
    Marco Roveri, Adele Bertini, Domenico Cosentino, Agata Di Stefano, Rocco Gennari, Elsa Gliozzi, Francesco Grossi, Silvia Maria Iaccarino, Stefano Lugli, Vinicio Manzi, and Marco Taviani
  9. Microbial communities in Messinian evaporite deposits of the Vena del Gesso (northern Apennines, Italy)
    Giuliana Panieri, Stefano Lugli, Vinicio Manzi, Katarzyna A. Palinska, and Marco Roveri

Volume 4, No. 2-3

  1. Beyond the GSSP: New developments in chronostratigraphy
    Brian McGowran
  2. A history of chronostratigraphy
    Gian Battista Vai
  3. Status of the hierarchical subdivision of higher order marine Cenozoic chronostratigraphic units
    William A. Berggren
  4. Unresolved issues in Cenozoic chronostratigraphy
    Richard H. Fluegeman
  5. Chronostratigraphic terminology: Building on principles
    Marie-Pierre Aubry
  6. Chronostratigraphy beyond the GSSP
    Marie-Pierre Aubry
  7. The scale-dependence of strata-time relations: implications for stratigraphic classification
    Patrick Brenchley, Nigel Trewin, Philip Stone, Peter Rawson, Michael Oates, John Marshall, Robert Knox, F. John Greory, Philip Gibbard, David Cantrill, Jan Zalasiewicz, Paul R. Bown, Tiffanhy L. Barry, Colin Waters, John Powell, Andrew Gale, Mark Williams, Mark Hounslow, and Alan Smith
  8. Defining the Quaternary: Where do we go from here?
    Brad Pillans
  9. Miocene Central Paratethys stratigraphy – current status and future directions
    Werner E. Piller, Mathias Harzhauser, and Oleg Mandic
  10. The new Russian Stratigraphic Code and some problems of stratigraphic classification
    Yuri Gladenkov
  11. Stratigraphy: gateway to geohistory and biohistory
    Brian McGowran and Qianyu Li
  12. Stratigraphy into the 21st century
  13. Applications of quantitative biostratigraphy in chronostratigraphy and time scale construction
    József Pálfy
  14. Eo-Ulrichian to Neo-Ulrichian views: The renaissance of “layer-cake stratigraphy”
    Carlton E. Brett, Patrick I. McLauglin, and Gordon C. Baird
  15. Is there a role for sequence stratigraphy in chronostratigraphy?
    Nicholas Christie-Blick, Stephen F. Pekar, and Andrew S. Madof
  16. Astronomical tuning as the basis for high resolution chronostratigraphy: the intricate history of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
    Frits Hilgen, Klaudia Kuiper, Wout Krijgsman, Eric Snel, and Erwin van der Laan
  17. Cyclostratigraphy and the Astronomical Time Scale
    Linda A. Hinnov and James G. Ogg
  18. The future of the past: Geological time in the digital age
    John A. Van Couvering and James G. Ogg