ABSTRACT: Nine Nummulites species: Nummulites fraasi De La Harpe 1883, Nummulites luxorensis Boukhary, Hussein- Kamel and Abdelmalik n. sp., Nummulites dandaraensis Boukhary, Hussein-Kamel andAbdelmalik n. sp., Nummulites rotularius Deshayes 1838, Nummulites subramondi De La Harpe 1883 (Topotype material fromGebel Deir, near Esna) sensu Schaub 1951,Nummulites thalmanni Schaub 1981, Nummulites aff. arnii Schaub 1981, Nummulites ornatus Schaub 1951 and Nummulites cailliaudi D’Archiac and Haime 1853 (Topotype material fromGarra El Hamra, Bahariya Oasis) are described fromYpresian rocks in the Luxor-Minia reach of the Nile Valley and also from the region ofBahariya oasis. The study of the larger foraminifera from these two localities enables us to correlate the Thebes Formation in the Luxor- Qena stretch in the Nile Valley with the Minia Formation in some localities as in G. Drunka, Wadi Gabrawi, Assiut environ and Beni Hassan. The investigated strata could be also equated to the Naqb andQazzun Formations in Bahariya Oasis, where the Naqb Formation is found to be correlatable with the Nusf and Farafra Formations, both underlying the Qazzun Formation. The Thebes-Minia sequence could be also correlatedwith a recently described sequence fromNorthernGalala in the EasternDesert (Boukhary et al. 2009). The identified biozones match well with the SBZ 10 – SBZ 12 zones of Serra – Kiel et al. 1998.


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