ABSTRACT: A new species of planktonic foraminifera belonging to the genus Globorotalia (subgenus Hirsutella), named G. (H.) eleonorae, was found in the lateMiocene sedimentary successions cropping out in the Atlantic coastal area of northernMorocco (Oued Akrech and Ain el Beida zones, near Rabat). The First Occurrence of G. (H.) eleonorae is recorded in the Chron C3Bn at 7.204 Ma, the Last Occurrence is found in the Chron C3An.1n at 6.232 Ma. In terms of standard planktonic foraminiferal zonal schemes the taxon ranges within N.17 Zone of Blow (1969); from the Neogloboquadrina acostaensis/Globorotalia lenguaensis Zone, M13 (the Globigerinoides extremus/Globorotalia plesiotumida-G. lenguaensis Subzone, M13b (Sub) Tropical) to the G. lenguaensis/Globorotalia tumida Zone, M14, and from the Neogloboquadrina mayeri-Globorotalia conomiozea Zone, Mt9 to the G. conomiozea/ Globorotalia mediterranea-Globorotalia sphericomiozea Zone, Mt10 (Transitional) of Berggren et al. (1995); within the G. lenguaensis/ G. tumida Zone, M14 ((Sub) Tropical of Iaccarino et al. (2007).


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