ABSTRACT: Following the selection of the black clay level at 1.56 m in the DBH section in Dababiya Quarry as the GSSP of the Paleocene / Eocene boundary there arose a question of whether somewhat better preservation of biotic and sedimentary components might be present in the adjacent subsurface. An attempt at retrieving continuous core samples was made in in two locations. The first location was directly beside the GSSP (DBH) surface section, and the drilling continued to depth 20 m from the ground-surface with poor surficial/initial recovery. A second corehole was drilled ~ 200m east of the DBD section, and the drilling penetrated to 140 m. The cores were logged lithologically in the field, then wrapped in plastic sheets and placed in special wood boxes for storage. The cores are now located in the core facilities of the in the Geology Department, Assiut University and are undergoing further studies following recent complementary/ additional sampling by Dupuis, Aubry and Berggren (March 2012).


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