ABSTRACT: The foraminifers of the Shahhat Member of the Al Bayda Formation exposed in three sections (at theWadi Az Zad quarry, and the Wadi Al Kuf and Al Hamamah road cuts) in the region of Jabal Al Akhdar in Libya have been investigated. The rock unit consists of marly limestone grading intomarl in places and is assigned a Late Eocene age according to the presence of forms suggesting the Nummulites fabianii Biozone, and suggesting also the Early Oligocene age, to which the Shahhat Member has been generally assigned in most previous publications should be revised. Nummulites ruetimeyeri de la Harpe 1883 and Chapmanina gassinensis (Silvestri 1904) has been recovered in association with Nummulites fabianii (Prever in Fabiani 1905). Gaziryina pulchellus (Hantken 1883) n. gen. in de la Harpe (1883) has also been retrieved in associationwith a Nonion-Uvigerina assemblage suggesting relatively deep marine conditions in the lower intervals of the investigated Late Eocene marly sequence. Nummulites gizehensis (Forskal) is found in the underlying Darnah Formation (Middle Eocene, Lutetian), and the overlying algal limestone of the remaining of the Al Bayda Formation includes species suggesting the Nummulites fichteli Biozone of Early Oligocene age.


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