ABSTRACT: A reclassification of the agglutinated foraminifera (within the Class Foraminiferea) is presented, consisting of three subclasses, seven orders, 18 suborders, 32 superfamilies, 122 families, 148 subfamilies, and containing a total of 832 valid genera is presented. The classification is modified from the suprageneric scheme used by Kaminski (2004a), and incorporates all the new agglutinated genera described up to and including the year 2010. The major differences from the Kaminski (2004a) classification are (1) the subdivision of the Foraminifera into three supraordinal groups according to the molecular studies of Pawowski and co-workers (2) the inclusion of the allogromiids in the classification alongside the astrorhizids (3) the inclusion of the xenophyophorids within the Astrorhizida at superfamily rank, (4) the merging of all pseudo-bilocular and pseudo-multichambered forms within a single subclass and (5) the revision of the schlumberigerinids to encompass all miliolidswith an agglutinated wall. Numerous minor corrections and updates have been made to the generic classification based on the recent literature.


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