ABSTRACT: In this study we report the occurrence of a foraminiferal assemblage dominated by organic-walled agglutinated foraminifera from mangrove swamps located to the east of Abu Dhabi Island, UAE. Mangals in the Abu Dhabi region are characterized by the mangrove tree Avicennia marina. Different sedimentary facies from mangals were sampled for the present study. Samples collected from the upper intertidal area (often dry) in the proximity of Avicennia marina roots and containing leaf material produced an assemblage exclusively composed of small-sized opportunistic Ammonia and Cribroelphidium, together with abundant specimens of agglutinated foraminifera belonging to the genus Trochammina. Where present, the genus Trochammina may comprise up to the 50% of the total foraminiferal assemblage. An assemblage characterized by a high abundance of Trochammina has not been previously reported in the Arabian Gulf.


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