email: While working on Trinidad and Tobago and the western tropical Atlantic Ocean, the author published four papers (Wilson 2006a, 2006b, 2006c;Wilson et al. 2011) that included descriptions of ten new species of foraminifera and ostracoda from the Neogene of the SE Caribbean Sea. These holotypes and associated paratypes have now been transferred to the European Micropalaeontological Reference Centre, AGH, University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, for safekeeping. Among the foraminifera, these are: Amphistegina martybuzasi Wilson, Ramkissoon and McLean 2011; Bolivina jiattongi Wilson 2006; Textularia carrbrowni Wilson 2006; Textularia framptoni Wilson 2006; and Textularia sawhi Wilson 2006. Regarding ostracodes, they are: Bythoceratina coimbrai Wilson 2006; Cytheropteron bremani Wilson 2006; Polycope swietinia Wilson 2006; Polycope trinitatensis Wilson 2066; and Pterygocythereis fithiani Wilson 2006. The specimen slides have been curated in Cabinet 7, Drawer 27.


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