ABSTRACT: The carbonate-dominated Upper Cretaceous Ilam Formation is representative of an important reservoir in the Zagros Basin. In this study, planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Ilam Formation was investigated in the Kuh-e-Surgah section in western Iran. In the studied section, the 170 m thick Ilam Formation is mainly composed of imestones with shale intercalations. The formation conformably overlies and underlies the Surgah and Gurpi formations, respectively. Twelve genera and 24 species of planktonic foraminifera were identified. The following planktonic foraminiferal biozones were identified: the Dicarinella asymetrica Total Range Zone (latest Coniacian- late Santonian), the Globotruncanita elevata Partial Range Zone (Santonian to early Campanian), the Globotruncana ventricosa Interval Zone (middle to late Campanian.), the Radotruncana calcarata Total Range Zone (late Campanian.), the Globotruncanella havanensis Partial Range Zone (late Campanian) and the Globotruncana aegyptiaca Interval Zone (late to latest Campanian). In general, the biozones show that the Ilam Formation in the studied section is latest Coniacian-late Campanian in age. The Santonian-Campanian boundary in the Kuh-e-Surgah section correlates with the Globotruncanita elevata Partial Range Zone. The recognized biozones in the Ilam Formation are comparable with those recorded in other parts of the Tethyan Realm. The crinoid species Marsupites testudinarius is absent in the studied section. Generally, the last occurrence of this cosmopolitan species indicates the base of the Campanian stage. The Santonian/Campanian boundary was placed in the lower part of the Globotruncanita elevata Partial Range Zone at the base of the Ilam Formation in the studied section.


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