ABSTRACT: An Upper Eocene diagnostic larger foraminiferal assemblage is described and illustrated from carbonates of the uppermostDammamFormation, on thewestern side of theNorthernOmanMountains, along theUnitedArab Emirates andOman border. This assemblage comprises Fabiania cassis (Oppenheim 1896), Silvestriella tetraedra (Gümbel 1870), Pellatispira madaraszi Hantken 1876, Nummulites fabianii (Prever 1905), N. ptukhiani Kacharava 1969 and N. retiatus (Roveda 1959). The presence of Nummulites ptukhiani and N. fabianii within the same horizon of Pellatispira madaraszi places both species in the Priabonian stage, confirming a Late Eocene age for the uppermost part of theDammamFormation. The studied carbonateswere deposited in an inner shelf environment, which may be related to the eustatic fall of sea level at the end of the Late Eocene.