We describe 47 new species of Nodosariid small foraminifers from the upper part of the Cisuralian through Lopingian (Dzhigdalinian,Omolonian,Gizhigian andKolymian regional stages) in the Permian of theOmolonmassif, northeastern Siberia, Russia as follows: Nodosariidae (Protonodosaria – 2 species, Nodosaria – 21 species, Pseudonodosaria – 1 species, Rectoglandulina – 12 species); Dentalinidae (Dentalina – 1 species); Geinitzinidae (genus Howchinella – 9 species and Omoloniella, n. gen, with type species O. russiensis). The generic affinity of the species Nodosaria vaskovskyi (A.Miklukho-Maklay 1948) has been changed and also a new description of this species is given. The genus Rectoglandulina Loeblich and Tappan 1955 is considered to be a valid genus and is reinstated herein. The diagnosis of the genus Protonodosaria is emended.