ABSTRACT: Study of benthic foraminifera from late Pleistocene (~444 Kyr to 150 Kyr BP) samples from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Hole 716A (4º56.0N, 73º17.0E; present water depth 533.3m), Maldives Ridge, equatorial Indian Ocean, led to the discovery of one new genus Acostinella n.gen. and five new species of benthic foraminifera including Adelosina bhallai n.sp., Siphonaperta bhallai n.sp., Triloculinella bhallai n.sp., Hofkeruva sahaii n.sp., Acostinella sahaii n.sp. These taxa were examined under the scanning electron microscope,which has helped to explain their morphological descriptions and assign them a taxonomic classification. The taxa have rare and sporadic occurrences at Hole 716A and thus we do not know their potential in paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic reconstructions, which requires further studies from other parts of the Indian Ocean.