ABSTRACT: Foraminifers from the Permian-Triassic boundary interval in the upper part of the “Bituminous Limestone” Formation of the Komiri section, northwestern Serbia are described and illustrated here for the first time. Four new species of foraminifers are described: Hemigordius komiricensis n. sp., H. smiljkae n. sp., Multidiscus vlasicensis n. sp., and Eomarginulinella serbica n. sp. The genus Eomarginulinella Sosnina 1969 is considered to be a valid genus and reinstated herein. The youngest Late Permian foraminifers are found together with conodonts of the Lower Hindeodus praeparvus Zone, the next to the last of the youngest conodont zones of the Upper Permian. The assemblage of the foraminifers from the upper part of the “Bituminous Limestone” in northwestern Serbia is most similar to coeval foraminiferal assemblages from the upper Changhsingian Belolabinskaya Group of the northwestern Caucasus and from the Nagyvisnyó Limestone Formation of the Bükk Mountains in northeastern Hungary. It is less similar to coeval foraminiferal assemblages of the Carnic Alps, Central Taurides of Turkey, Transcaucasia and China.