ABSTRACT: The red, ammonoid-bearing limestones at Rustaq and Wadi Wasit contain Jinogondolella aserrata, the index species for the type Wordian. It occurs with an abundant smooth Mesogondolella fauna and an advanced Waagenoceras ammonoid fauna. In the rustaq section, two species of Mesogondolella are present in both lower and upper red, ammonoid-bearing limestones with M. siciliensis dominating the lower beds and M. omanensis (new species) dominating the upper beds. The same two Mesogondolella species occur in the single, ammonoid-bearing limestone unit at the Wadi Wasit section, where there are additional conodont species including M. bitteri. The faunas at Wadi Wasit section and the upper red, ammonoid-bearing limestone at the Rustaq section contain Stepanovites? festivus which is indicative of the Wordian-Capitanian boundary interval. Capitanian Jinogondolella altudaensis appears in the rocks above the ammonoid-bearing limestone at the Wadi Wasit section.