ABSTRACT: The original type section of the Reef Trail Member (uppermost part of the Bell Canyon Formation) is called the Park Boundary Section, and is less than satisfactory in several aspects. We propose a new reference section designated Reef Trail Reference section 1 (RTR1) on the same hill as the original type section. Section RTR1 compensates for some of the Park Boundary Section’s shortcomings, including better exposure of a single measured section with only minor offset. The conodont biostratigraphy of section RTR1 is presented that, when combined with a better set of described correlation intervals, allows for improved correlation to recently discovered, complete, basinal sections in the Patterson Hills. In comparison with the South Boundary basin section, both the Park Boundary and RTR1 sections are missing approximately the upper third of the Reef Trail Member. Transitional conodonts from the basin demonstrate that Jinogondolella crofti evolved directly from J. altudaensis. We formally elevate Clarkina postbitteri hongshuiensis to C. hongshuiensis.