Abstract: Troughed conodonts of the late Desmoinesian genus Swadelina are common in the C2-7(M) Suite (upper Moscovian, middle Pennsylvanian) in the Donets Basin, Ukraine. The youngest species, Swadelina sp. 1, is very similar to Swadelina nodocarinata (Jones). It was found for the first time in the uppermost part of theC2-7(M) Suite in theGurkovaValley section. Two older troughed lateMoscovian (early Desmoinesian) species, known as Streptognathodus dissectus Kossenko and S. concinnus Kossenko, are herein assigned to Swadelina on the basis of their similarities to this genus. Theymay have given rise to the American Desmoinesian Sw. nodocarinata and Sw. neoshoensis Lambert, Heckel andBarrick via Swadelina sp. 1. Swadelina probably appeared earlier inMoscovian time in eastern Europe than in North America.