ABSTRACT:Anew superfamily,Globigerinitoidea, was designated by BouDagher-Fadel (2012) to represent all the trochospiral, compressed to almost planispiral, smooth, muricate or pustulose-walled, nonspinose planktonic foraminifera that evolved from forms originating in the Cretaceous. Members of this superfamily Globigerinitoidea include the smooth Globanomalinidae, which evolved from Hedbergella holmedelensis in the Danian; the keeled Planorotalitidae, which evolved from the globanomalinids in the Selandian; the pustulose, low trochospiral Tenuitellidae, which evolved from the globanomalinids in the Late Bartonian; and the microperforate, trochospiralGlobigerinitidae,which evolved from the tenuitellids in the Late Priabonian.Unfortunately in BouDagher-Fadel (2012), the Globigerinitoidea superfamily was misattributed and is in fact a new superfamily, and the new family Planorotalitidae was not fully described and here is emended. In addition, a new tenuitellid species, Tenuitellinata praepseudoedita, was suggested by BouDagher-Fadel (2012) but is here defined from a figure originally presented by Li (1987).