ABSTRACT: Doncieuxina Boukhary, Al Menoufy and Höntzsch n. gen (type species: Nummulites spirectypa Doncieux 1926), Nummulites partschi De La Harpe 1880, Nummulites roselli Schaub 1981, Nummulitesminervensis Schaub 1981, Aegyptoclypeus dakhlensis Boukhary, Abul-Nasr and Al Menoufy n. gen., n. sp., Discocyclina nudimargo Schwager 1883 and Assilina aff. A. prisca Schaub 1981, collected from two nummulitic banks within the Thebes Formation inWadi Dakhl, Southern Galala, Eastern Desert, Egypt, have been described and photographed. Their age is estimated as Early Eocene (Ypresian) as the assemblage has been assigned to the shallow benthic zone SBZ 6 of Serra-Kiel et al. 1998.