ABSTRACT: The present work dealswith the stratigraphy, lithological characteristics, planktonic foraminiferal zonation and the ostracods of the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) - Paleocene rocks in the Kharga Oasis and the lower paleogene of Gebel Dandara section, Nile Valley, Egypt. The planktonic foraminifera and ostracods were obtained from twostratigraphic sections:Ain Dabadib and N. AinAmurfrom the area NorthWest of the Kharga Oasis, Egypt. Thirty seven planktonic foraminiferal and twelve ostracod species were identified, among the latter, 1 genus: Aegyptoleberis Boukhary,Bassiouni and Sharabi n.gen. (Type species: Cythereis coronata Esker 1968) and 2 species: Cytheropteron dakhlaensis Boukhary and Bassiouni n.sp., and Ordonyia dabadibensis Boukhary and Sharabi n. sp., from the Late Paleocene are believed to be new. Among the association, there are species which are identical with those described from Tunisia by Esker (1968) and Said (1978) and from Jordan by Bassiouni (1971). The planktonic foraminifera were used for the biostratigraphic control. Future studies may prove these ostracod assemblages to be of index value and valid for the Mesogean Paleocene in the neritic provinces in North Africa and Middle East.