ABSTRACT: We document the biostratigraphic ranges of 18 taxa of planktonic, 33 calcareous benthic and 11 agglutinated benthic foraminifera from the Lower to lower MiddleMiocene ones (N4/M1 to N9/M6) of three exploration wells in the Eastern Venezuela Basin and an outcrop section from Rio Oregano near the type locality of the Carapita Formation of eastern Venezuela and the correlative Cipero Formation of Trinidad. The generally superior preservation of material in the outcropping Cipero Formation has been used as a standard of reference thereby enhancing identification of specimens in the generally more poorly preserved material in the subsurface Carapita Formation of Venezuela. The biostratigraphic data provided here serve as the basis for a reconstruction of the geohistory of the Eastern Venezuelan Basin including determination of multiple unconformities (and duration of associated hiatuses) and paleobathymetric history of the basin in a companion paper (Sanchez et al. 2014).