ABSTRACT: In the southern part of the Patterson Hills just to the west of the Guadalupe Mountains escarpment of West Texas, a 29m outcrop of alternating calcareous siltstone and silty limestone with a few thin fine sandstone interbeds displays the overlap occurrence of a narrow morphotype of Jinogondolella nankingensis (herein named J. nankingensis behnkeni)with J. aserrata near its base. The transition of Jinogondolella aserrata to J. postserrata is present near the top of this section and marks the Wordian-Capitanian boundary, therefore displaying a significant portion of the upper part of the Wordian in one short continuous section. Pseudohindeodus brevis n. sp. and H. capitanensis n. sp. are described. Pseudohindeodus ramovsi, Caenodontus serrulatus, Hindeodus wordensis, Sweetina triticum, Jinogondolella palmata, and J. errata also occur in this succession.