ABSTRACT: This paper describes an enigmatic new agglutinated benthic foraminiferal genus and species that shares some morphological features with the Reophax, Hormosina and Nubeculina groups. Pseudonubeculina arabica n.gen. n.sp. is characterized by its uniserial chamber arrangement, coarsely agglutinated bilamellar test wall with white high-Mg calcite cement, and a terminal slit-like aperture formed by the flat sides of two or more large agglutinated grains. The new genus cannot be placed within any of the previously described families of the Miliolida. The current classification of the Miliolida does not accommodate a genus with a wholly uniserial chamber arrangement. This species can easily be distinguished by its prominent terminal slit-like aperture, formed using the flat sides of two or more large agglutinated grains, lined by an imperforate rim of secreted calcite. The species has a restricted area and depth distribution in the Arabian Gulf.