ABSTRACT: Routine examination of calcareous nannofossil of Pleistocene sediments from the uplifted fringing reef margin of the southern Dominican Republic revealed a new group of incertae sedis. This article describes a new genus and twelve new species. The new taxa allow for enhanced straigraphic subdivisions: They are Spearlithus dekaenelii, Spearlithus lusitanicus, Spearlithus acutus, Spearlithus longus, Spearlithus hartiii, Spearlithus mcneillii, Spearlithus pospichalii, Spearlithus campbellii, Spearlithus klausii, Spearlithus cachaoi, Spearlithus covingtonii, and Spearlithus quasiovatus. Arange chart showing the stratigraphic distribution of these taxa is presented.