ABSTRACT:Anew relational taxonomic database for planktonic foraminifera (“pforams@mikrotax”) has been constructed and is now freely available online at http://www.mikrotax.org. It represents amajor advance from its predecessor, the CHRONOS online taxonomic database, which has served the research community since 2005. The benefits of the new database to the research and industrial biostratigraphic communities are many, as it will serve as an immediately accessible taxonomic guide and reference for specialists and non-specialists alike by providing access to a wealth of information and images from original authors and from expertswho have inserted recent authoritative updates to planktonic foraminiferal taxonomy, phylogeny and biostratigraphy. The database will be continually updated and used as a guide for training current and future generations of students and professionals who will be able to self-educate on planktonic foraminiferal taxonomy and biostratigraphy. Further investigation of species traditionally included in the Cretaceous genera Heterohelix, Globigerinelloides, Marginotruncana, and Globotruncana is required to exclude the use of polyphyletic morphotaxa. The taxonomy for Paleogene planktonic foraminifera is quite stable following publication of the Paleocene, Eocene, and Oligocene taxonomic atlases, but revisions to the taxonomy and phylogeny of Neogene taxa are needed to incorporate results from genetic sequencing studies and recent biostratigraphic observations.