ABSTRACT: A new genus of large schubertellid fusulinid, Douglassites n. gen., is described from the upper Virgilian (Upper Pennsylvanian) part of the Riepe Spring Limestone of Spruce Mountain Ridge, Elko County, Nevada, where it occurs with forms belonging to Triticites Group IV. The new monotypic genus was identified from thin sections acquired on loan from the Douglass-Henbest collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Douglassites sprucensis n. gen. n. sp. is among the largest known Carboniferous species of Schubertellidae and exhibits a spirothecal development that parallels forms of the predominantly Paleo-Tethyan and Peri-Gondwanan Biwaellinae subfamily (i.e., Biwaella and Dutkevichites). The occurrence of such a large and advanced form of schubertellid in Upper Pennsylvanian deposits of western North America is unique, as the appearance of D. sprucensis n. gen. n. sp. considerably predates the major radiation and dispersal events of the Cisuralian (Early Permian) and Guadalupian (Middle Permian) age Schubertellidae.