ABSTRACT: Anew pfenderinid taxon is described as Pachycolumella nov. gen. with the two species P. elongata n. sp. (type-species), and P. acuta n. sp. The type material comes from the upperMaastrichtian Tarbur Formation of the Zagros Zone, SWIran. Areconstruction of Pachycolumella nov. gen is presented including allmorpho-structural elements such as a conspicuous central columella. The wall of the elongate and triserially coiled test is microgranular-agglutinated displaying a pseudokeriothecal texture. Pachycolumella species are also reported from the Paleocene (Danian–early Thanetian) of Turkey,Oman, Iran (this paper), India, and Pakistan, thus representing aK–Pg survivor taxon. In Iran Pachycolumella is reported from various localities belonging to both the former northern and the southern Neo-Tethyan margin. In the western Neo-Tethyan realm (e.g., Adriatic Carbonate Platform), Pachycolumella seems to be absent.