ABSTRACT: This study on Early Miocene species of Krithe from south-central Chile adopts a new taxonomic approach. The shape and number of posterior pits appear to be reliable diagnostic features that are especially useful in fossil specimens when recrystallization or infilling obscures the diagnostic anterodorsal radial pore canals (ADRPC). Based on this approach, three new species are proposed: Krithe dawnpetersonae n. sp., K. nerudai n. sp. and K. araucoensis n. sp. Moreover, additions are made to the diagnoses of Krithe dolichodeira van den Bold, K. sinuosa Ciampo, and K. dilata Ayress et al. Another two species of Krithe are kept in open nomenclature due to the scarcity of well-preserved adult specimens. This study reveals that some species of Krithe have wide geographic and stratigraphic distributions, while others have shorter ones.