ABSTRACT: Forty-seven ostracod species from the Upper Cretaceous Bagh Formation of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, India are described. Ten species are new: Ovocytheridea baghensis, Amicytheridea bilthanaensis, Paijenborchella jeerabadensis, Cytheropteron ratitalaiensis, Cytheropteron hanumanpuraensis, Eocytheropteron bilthanaensis, Curfsina coarctata, Curfsina hanumanpuraensis, Nigeroloxoconcha baghensis and Nigeroloxoconcha diluta. Thirty species are assigned to previously described species, six are left under open nomenclature and one is indeterminate. Ten previously described taxa from the Bagh Formation are revised and brought up to date. The age and paleobiogeography of the ostracods are discussed.