In 2016, we described the new foraminiferal genus Pseudonubeculina (type species Pseudonubeculina arabica Amao and Kaminski 2016) from the southern Iranian sector of the Arabian Gulf. Our genus name Pseudonubeculina turns out to be preoccupied by Pseudonubeculina Bartenstein and Brand 1949 (type species Nubecularia nodulosa Chapman 1891), a miliolid from the mid-Cretaceous of southern England and Germany. In accordance with Article 52.1 (Principle of homonymy) and Article 60.3 (Junior homonyms without synonyms) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), the name Falsonubeculina is herein proposed as a replacement name for the genus Pseudonubeculina Amao and Kaminski 2016. This taxonomic revision leads to the new combination Falsonubeculina arabica (Amao and Kaminski 2016) for its only known species. The systematic position of the genus remains enigmatic.