ABSTRACT: The new Larger Benthic Foraminifera Pseudochoffatella minima n. sp. is described from the uppermost Barremian? to early upperAptian of the Taft Formation of theYazd Block, Central Iran. It differs from the upperAptian-lowermostAlbian type-species P. cuvillieri Deloffre by its reduced dimensions (test size, chamber height, diameter of proloculus), and can be considered as its direct ancestor. P. minima n. sp. occurs in wackestone in often monotypic assemblages. Differences to Balkhania balkhanica Mamontova (syn. Pseudochoffatella giganteaKaever), an allied taxon recorded from the lowerAptian of the Tirgan and Taft formations are constrained. P. minima n. sp. represents the third species of the genus besides the type-species P. cuvillieri Deloffre and the Cenomanian P. algeriana Peybernès, Calvez and Ciszak.