ABSTRACT: Here we present a detailed taxonomic study of Alveolina assemblages from the Hormak section, northern Zahedan, Iran. The Alveolina specimens have been recovered from a 16 meters thick shallow-water Eocene succession cropping out in an area of limited extent. Sixteen species have been identified including Alveolina cf. oblonga, A. ruetimeyeri, A. minuta, A. cf. cosigena, A. sp. cf. A. schwageri, A. sp. aff. A. azzarolii, A. haymanaensis, A. canavarii, A. canavarii karsakensis, A. coudurensis, A. histrica histrica, A. bayburtensis, A. cf. azzarolii, A. stercusmuris, A. kieli and A. elliptica nuttalli. The record of Alveolina species spans from SBZ10 (early Cuisian) to SBZ13 (early Lutetian). The systematic study provides new insight on the paleobiogeographic dispersal among the Sistan Ocean zone (central Tethys region) and may permit to make projections for future studies on neighboring Tethyan regions.


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