ABSTRACT: Cribellopsis Arnaud-Vanneau (upper Berriasian-Albian) represents a rather simple structured orbitolinid species that are classically differentiated above all by dimensional and morphological criteria. Previously reported from the upper Hauterivian to Albian interval, a new species is described as Cribellopsis delicatula n. sp. from the upper Berriasian-lower Valanginian of France, Switzerland ("Jura Mountains"; Vions, Chambotte, and Vuache formations), and Iran (Fahliyan Formation). Known since the sixties from southwestern Europe, it has been figured several times since then in open nomenclature. C. delicatula n. sp. is characterized by its high-conical test and delicate structural elements, combined with a reduced chamber height. Most Valanginian occurrences of the Orbitolinidae (including Cribellopsis) are from the former northern Neotethyan margin (Spain, France, Sardinia/Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia). Cribellopsis delicatula n. sp. represents the oldest known species of the genus and is here reported from both margins of the former Neotethyan ocean.


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