Neogloboquadrina atlantica (Berggren 1972) is one of the most common planktonic foraminiferal species in the Upper Miocene and Pliocene at DSDP/IODP sites in the northern Atlantic. It was originally described from the upper Pliocene at DSDP Site 116 in the Rockall Trough, northeastern Atlantic. In the original description of the species, the depository of the illustrated type specimens was not specified. One of us (WAB) was under the impression that the illustrated type specimens of Neogloboquadrina atlantica had been sent to the Cushman Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. Unfortunately there is no record of the specimen slides having ever arrived at the museum (B. Huber, personal communication, 2020). Fortunately, the second author is still in possession of the shipboard sample residues from DSDP Leg 12, and was able to select a neotype specimen to replace the missing illustrated holotype. The purpose of this note is to designate a neotype specimen for Neogloboquadrina atlantica and to specify a repository for the permanent archive of the neotype and paraneotypes.