ABSTRACT:Anew assemblage of diverse fish microremains from the Roadian Williams Ranch Member of the Cutoff Formation in the Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas is described. The chondrichthyan remains comprise symmoriiforms Stethacanthulus decorus, Kungurodus sp. and indeterminate taxa; ctenacanthiform Glikmanius myachkovensis; euselachian Sphenacanthus sp. and Hybodontiformes indet.; anachronistids Cooleyella amazonensis, Cooleyella sp. and Reifella lata Ivanov, n. gen., n. sp.; jalodontids Adamantina foliacea, Isacrodus marthae and Isacrodus sp.; indeterminate euchondrocephalian and chondrichthyans. Actinopterygian remains include the elonichthyid Alilepis texasensis Bakaev, n. sp., indeterminate platysomids and acrolepidids, indeterminate taxa and other osteichthyans. The assemblage includes the widely geographically distributed taxa Cooleyella amazonensis, Stethacanthulus decorus and Adamantina foliacea. The occurrence of last two species in the Cutoff Formation represents their youngest record in the world. Possible migration paths are proposed for Alilepis.