ABSTRACT: Spongy radiolarians are described from strata of the Roadian Stage (Guadalupian, middle Permian) exposed in a small quarry (Quarry section) in the Guadalupe Mountains,West Texas. These radiolarians are assigned to the orders Entactinaria (conditionally) and Spumellaria. Two new families Hegleriidae and Glomispinidae are proposed. The genus Hegleria Nazarov and Ormiston and its two species, H. mammilla (Sheng andWang) and H. mammifera Nazarov and Ormiston are discussed. Based on an analysis of the distribution and preservation of the illustrated specimens of these two species in the literature, it is proposed that the species H. mammilla should be considered as nomen dubium. The genus Uberinterna Sashida and Tonishi and one species Copicyntra simulens Nazarov and Ormiston are revised. Five new genera, Texasospongites, Allenispongus, Cutoffella, Glomispina, and Orminazarella, and ten new species Texasospongites fazleevi, Allenispongus nobilis, Cutoffella perplexa, Glomispina mirifica, Uberinterna hearstae, U. ancestralis, Provisocyntra vancouveringi, Orminazarella nuda, Paracopicyntra bella, and Copiellintra variabilis are described.