ABSTRACT: Septfontainella (type-species S. carpatobalcanica n. sp.), a new genus of larger benthic foraminifera (family Hauraniidae, subfamily Amijiellinae) is described from the upper Berriasian of the Carpatho-Balkanides, eastern Serbia and Romania (Southern Capathians), both part of the Getic domain. It is characterized by large elongate dimorphic tests with a reduced coiled stage and a rectilinear-uniserial adult part with chambers displaying a coarse and irregular subepidermal network. Triangular-shaped first order radial partitions extend into the chamber lumen attaching to the succeeding septum. Septfontainella gen. nov. is compared with the Lower Jurassic Cymbriaella Fugagnoli and the Lower Cretaceous Bramkampella Redmond. Septfontainella n. gen. further substantiates the occurrence of a Berriasian origination event of larger benthic foraminifera in inner carbonate platform facies of the Neotethysian realm.