ABSTRACT: A new representative of the genus Arenobulimina is described as Arenobulimina geyikensis n. sp. from the Aptian shallow-marine limestones of the Geyik Dagi area and Anamas Dag (Central Taurides, Turkey). Arenobulimina geyikensis n. sp. is characterized by a trochospiral evolute test with mostly three whorls, with generally five to six chambers per whorl, up to seven chambers in the last whorl, and a calcareous microgranular (without visible agglutinating grains), pseudokeriothecal (or canaliculate) wall. It differs from all species attributed to the genus Arenobulimina in the Lower Cretaceous in having a larger test with a relatively thick and pseudokeriothecal wall. It has so far been recorded from the Western Alps, France in open nomenclature and Arenobulimina geyikensis n. sp. is here considered as a stratigraphically important taxon for the Aptian platform carbonates in the peri-Mediterranean carbonate platforms.