ABSTRACT: Rostroporella oviformis Segonzac represents the type species of the monospecific genus Rostroporella described from the Thanetian of France (type locality). Well preserved material of this large-sized dasycladale from the Paleocene of Iran (central and east Iran, and Zagros Zone, SW Iran), allows a better characterization of the algal thallus, e.g.,shape of the thallus, reproductive structures and the ranges of biometric parameters. The thallus is thought to be moniliformwith ovoid articles. The reproduction with comparably large, elongated gametophores disposed laterally above the first order laterals refers to the goniosporate type. The suprageneric position of Rostroporella, previously placed within the family Polyphysaceae (formerly Acetabulariaceae), is discussed and transferred into the family Bornetellaceae.