ABSTRACT: Anew attaching species displaying a polygonal subepidermal network was described by Ramalho (2015) from the upper Tithonian of the eastern sector of theAlgarve Basin, southern Portugal as Amijiella? adherens. The genus Amijiella Loeblich and Tappan displays different gross test morphology, internal structure as well as an unattached free way of life. Therefore, the Portuguese taxon is herein described as the new genus Ramalhoa with the new combination R. adherens (Ramalho). So far, Ramalhoa with its polygonal subepidermal network is unique among the attaching agglutinated foraminifera and assigned to a new family Ramalhoidae herein. Other agglutinated attached foraminifera displaying a subepidermal network are recorded from the Lower Cretaceous and treated in open nomenclature due to poor material available.