ABSTRACT: The Abderaz Formation has been studied in five stratigraphical sections (Qarehso, Abderaz village, Muzduran pass (type section of the formation), Padeha village, and Shorab) in the east of the Kopeh-Dagh Basin. Twenty-four species of planktonic foraminifera belonging to eleven genera were identified. The vertical distribution of these species helped to recognize five biozones within the Abderaz Formation as follows: 1) Whiteinella archaeocretacea Partial Range Zone, 2) Helvetoglobotruncana helvetica Total Range Zone, 3) Marginotruncana schneegansi Partial Range Zone, 4) Dicarinella concavata Interval Zone, 5) Dicarinella asymetrica Total Range Zone. Based on these data, the Abderaz Formation ranges from the latest Cenomanian to late Santonian. The base of the Santonian stage was placed close to the onset of the Dicarinella asymetrica Total Range Zone at the studied sections. It was precisely traced at the FO of Globotruncana linneiana (pillbox-like).